You may just recognise yourself in one of these! 

Working Mums

1. You grit your teeth when invitations to coffee mornings fly into your inbox on an hourly basis – always on a weekday, just after the school drop. 

2. You’re used to waving off the majority of your friends every summer, whilst simultaneously researching every summer camp in the city. But whilst you and the kids miss your mates, you secretly love the fact the roads are quieter and there’s no mad panic to get the kids out the house in the morning. 

3. It seems like your baby was the only baby in Dubai not to attend every music meet-up, swimming lesson, and sign language class in the city – but amazingly, he or she turned out just perfectly.

4. The criteria for your child’s nursery and school was less to do with the KDHA rating and more to do with whether it had an affordable after-school care facility.

5. You are getting used to the rising panic when a message pings on your phone at 11pm to say that the next day will be an official day off in the UAE – and you are becoming pretty expert at pulling a childcare plan out of thin air so you can make it to your desk the next day. But when it comes to winter concerts, sports days, and costume parades, you’ve had to relax and accept your child won’t always have someone to wave to (unless you can convince the husband to skip off work for a few of them, at least…)

You know you’re a stay-at-home Mum in Dubai when…

1. Your working friends think that you have a quiet life at home with the kids – but the truth is that you spend most of your time in the car, delivering your kids to school, after-school activities and playdates.

2. You arrange play dates with friends most mornings and/or afternoons under the guise of entertaining the kids – but the truth is that you plan them for your own benefit too. And that’s not to mention all those posts you reply to on British Mums Dubai – and the 20-minute rhetoric of the day’s events you throw at your husband when he walks through the door every evening – after all, adult conversation has become a bit of a novelty.

3. You stress about things like craft projects, bake sales and the dreaded costume days – because without the excuse of being busy at work every day, how do you explain that you simply forgot or (worse still) didn’t have the energy? 

 4. Gone are the days when you looked forward to the cooler weather so you could head to the beach and relax. These days, it’s all about getting the kids out of the house, onto their bikes and scooters, and to the nearest play park to release some energy. It makes motherhood so much easier.

 5. You make plans to head back to Blighty every summer, counting down the days with excitement – but within days of arriving back at your family home and dragging your suitcase to your teenage bedroom, you are missing your home, your husband, your friends, your cleaner, and your sanity. Maybe you’ll look for that full-time job after all?

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