We’re all keen to do our part for the environment and using sanitary products every month, either ourselves, or our daughters, whilst necessary, is not ideal. There’s a range of eco-friendly solutions out there but we’ve recently discovered CLOUD, which is a great new concept.

CLOUD is a start-up led by a young team of five, dedicated to designing eco-friendly, body-friendly, and mind-friendly modern period care. This team of eco-driven individuals is bringing us a happy-go-comfy period care that is healthy, 100% biodegradable and empowering.

We’re working with CLOUD to get them a little more information on purchase patterns of sanitary products, and we’d love your help. All you need to do is fill in the SURVEY which will take less than 5 minutes. Everyone who completes the survey will have a chance to win a fantastic Liquid of Life Water Filter in their home.

Globally, 1 million plastic bottles are consumed every minute and plastic pollution is one of the most widespread problems affecting the marine environment. Switching to filtered water from Liquid of Life is a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottled water consumption and helps to reduce plastic waste and the carbon footprint associated with plastic bottled water.

Women get their periods for around 40 years of their life, yet we have normalized the mass production of sanitary pads despite the fact that it’s been causing rash, allergies, and infections, and over 113,000 tons of non-recyclable waste globally per year.

CLOUD is a period pad that is healthy, biodegradable, and sustainably produced using banana fibres. CLOUD also goes beyond the product itself. It is redesigning the period experience through an online and offline community for women to share, learn, and empower one another, thus decreasing the education gap on women’s health in the MENA region. Having won multiple international competitions, CLOUD is currently in its research and development phase, working hard to deliver the best experience to women everywhere and you can help by filling in their SURVEY.