Self care is not selfish, let’s start with that. Too often as mums we get caught up in the idea that anything that is for us is selfish and we immediately feel the dreaded ‘mum guilt’. But caring about yourself is so important, how can you help others if you can’t help yourself?

We all know too well how our needs are at the bottom of the pile, everything else always comes first. When it comes to intimate self care, that’s pretty much non-existent if you can just about manage to keep on top of washing your hair, but it’s important and here’s why you should invest more time in ‘you’ and ‘down there’.

Let’s start with self care generally, eating right, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, spending time with loved ones and doing things that bring you joy. These can all be incredibly beneficial for your mindset and body and making sure you take care of yourself means you can better help those around you, which is hugely important as a mum!

Most people forgo simple self care tasks and intimate self care doesn’t get a look in, especially when there’s a huge amount of stigma and taboo surrounding the matter. But intimate self care is vitally important for us as women and together we need to break down the stigmas surrounding it and start to talk about how vital it is.

Many people (including your gynaecologist) have said things such as “your vagina can take care of itself” and this is true. It’s a wonder machine but as with most things it’s always better to give it a helping hand, in particularly the vulva. The skin of the vulva is very sensitive so by using products specifically designed for this area can help to maintain hygiene without causing irritation.


Intimate self care is so important as it can help prevent very common issues most women at some point experience such as: irritation, dryness, soreness and bacterial build up from sweat, urine and bowel flora.


As the vulva is the most sensitive part of the body it’s always best to do your research (like you’re doing now!) and bring a little bit of mindfulness to your intimate area.

Do you experience any discomfort throughout the day? Is it regular or does it happen every now and again or after any activity or event? Pay attention to any discomfort and it’s always handy to make a note especially over time to see if there is a reason for any problems.

Remember to visit a gynaecologist every 6 -12 months to make sure everything is working as it should and if you have any of your problems noted down it makes it much easier to address these issues.

Understand the female anatomy, there are so many names and body parts we’re unfamiliar with so knowledge up and explore what’s down there and maybe even have a look by using a mirror so you can better understand your intimate area.

Use products specifically designed for intimate areas. There are so many different products out there but remember your lady parts need a little extra TLC. So make sure you treat it with the respect it deserves by choosing products that maintain a healthy pH level of 3.8 – 4.5.

Educate those around you! Now you’re a little bit more aware, share your knowledge with others, whether it’s your mum, sister, aunt, best friend or even co-worker, educating ourselves is empowering and as women we all want to feel empowered. We all need to embrace our womanhood by making sure we take care of ourselves and ‘down there’.


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