Living in this climate can play havoc with our family’s skin, hair and overall health, especially if you have sensitive skin or existing allergies.  We can be quick to look into the food we are eating as a leading cause of any skin & hair complaints, and maybe if our air conditioning units are as clean as they can be, but do we always consider the water that we use daily, as a potential culprit for our dry, itchy skin and thinning or lifeless hair?

You may already have a filter on your shower, which is a start to improve your hair quality to some degree, but what about the water we use for our laundry, washing the dishes and even brushing our teeth?  We are sure most people living here in Dubai have experienced running the bath at some point here to find the water a very unpleasant murky colour!

To tackle this, Whole House Water Filtration Systems are an affordable way to protect ALL the outlets in your home and provide your home with safe, great quality water for you and your family.

Unlike some of the single filter attachments, the team at British-owned Water Filters UAE, use a specially designed 2-part filtration system which provides double protection for the water you use in all water outlets in the home including shower, bath, kitchen and laundry.

The water is so safe to use even for teeth brushing, as stage 1 removes any suspended particles from the water including dust, sand and any other floating debris.  Stage 2 then removes the chlorine, which is added to the water here, along with any other chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and organisms. Doesn’t sound so pure does it?!

Water Filters UAE are passionate about educating families about the importance of obtaining clean, safe, better quality water for your family in a very affordable way.  As well as improving your skin and hair, you can also save money and support the environment, as your plastic bottle water use will be reduced, you won’t need as much shampoo to lather up washing your hair, or as much washing liquid and washing powders for cleaning!

Water Filter Before & After

Other families are already noticing a big difference including a markedly different feeling to their hair and skin!

“Can’t believe what a difference my water filter has made since you installed it. My hair does not fall anything like it used to and my skin feels softer. Thanks for letting me know about these, Paul.”

Sarah – The Lakes  

“Our water is so much better now and we are happy that our children can bath, shower and brush their teeth with much cleaner, safer water and without the chlorine!”

Joe – Victory Heights 

The average cost for a 4 bedroom villa starts at around AED 3,800 and can be installed within the day.  Filters need to be changed every 9-12 months on average but ultimately depends on the quality of water entering the filters.  These are a cost of around AED 650 so very low maintenance.  Even if you are renting a property, its really easy to install and take it with you if you need to move!

To find out how you can make a real difference to your home, contact Paul and his team at Water Filters UAE to organise a no-obligation quote by calling 055 607 8444 or emailing

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