Sweat it’s just one of them things that we all do, and let’s face it, we’re used to it in this heat! We know how to keep ourselves cool and clean after a sweat session at the gym but what do we really know about feminine hygiene and sweat?

The infamous gym leggings are the staple of every mum’s wardrobe at the moment and whether you visit the gym or not, we’ve all come across that awkward, embarrassment of not feeling as fresh as we’d hope ‘down there.’ Sometimes we can notice uncomfortable sweating or a strong smell, these are all normal habits of our lady parts, and we need a little educating on how to help her out sometimes!

The vagina is a wonder, it regulates its pH level to fend off infections and keeps it from drying out, whereas the vulva (the protective outer skin) does not have that capability. Just like an armpit or scalp, the vulva has hair follicles that secrete moisture to help keep the skin cool and although a little gross to think about, it’s worth considering how to keep your intimate areas fresh.

There are a few things you can do to keep your ‘downstairs’ feeling fresh but most importantly clean. Not only uncomfortable, but sitting in damp underwear can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. You could try using cotton underwear that allows better breathability, especially during workouts or in particularly hot weather.

But how about when you’re already uncomfortable? Instead of reaching for the baby wipes or toilet tissue that can irritate the delicate skin, why not try a feminine wipe such as Femfresh freshening and soothing wipes. They gently soothe the area removing sweat, restoring the vulva’s pH level and microbiome, keeping you clean and fresh.

So, if you’re feeling a little damp, you can use a feminine powder to soak up the excess sweat. As tempting as it would be to reach for the baby powder, you need to make sure the powder you use is suitable for intimate areas, such as Femfresh  Re-balance intimate powder. It absorbs moisture without over drying the area and causing irritation, winner!

To find out more about Femfresh products, contact Femfresh on 04 8116 000 or email info@femfresharabia.com, or visit their website.


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