For some mums, the idea of home-schooling and distance learning is a challenge they are eager to embark on, and for others, it is unchartered territory and slightly scary.  There have been questions in the British Mums Facebook groups recently about how to access trusted online support and tutoring, so we have pulled together some key educational partners who can help, as well as some top tips and tricks to make education at home fun, engaging and productive!

Carfax Education home-schooling experts, Carl Morris and Fiona McKenzie share their top 5 tips with British Mums:

  1. Keep a routine.  This is key both for children and parents, as having a sense of structure to the day will be very helpful in anchoring your children.
  2. Set up a family timetable. Divide the day into “chunks” with different activities then nothing feels too daunting. Mix it up with exercise, school work, fun activities and rest times.
  3. Education can be found in pretty much every activity.  Maths is in measuring ingredients for cooking, Science is in the washing up, strategic thinking from playing a board game, or Biology in planting some seeds in a window box. Having fun learning means the lessons are much more likely to be remembered.
  4. Keep children connected. Make sure you have slots for them to catch up with friends and family and this can be done by setting a series of challenges. Get them to email someone different everyday – good for writing skills, or to work on a shared project – perhaps family history with the grandparents? See if they can organise an online quiz for a group of families via Zoom.
  5. Look out for online resources. There are some fabulous activities online which can encourage parents and children to take up a new interest or learn a new skill; online museum tours, learning magic tricks or how to juggle, craft activities, dance routines and TED talks to inspire children.

Carfax Education

Carfax Education are helping families with a range of super helpful blogs, online activities and book recommendations for all ages.  They even have a useful timetable for families who are educating children in isolation with links to resources.  Find out more here:

Carfax Tutors are providing free mini videos on different topics which can be accessed on their Youtube account and are running ‘Catch Up’ and ‘Step Up’ courses for students who are worried about falling behind or who want to get ahead with their studies. There are also going to be ‘Master It’ classes, teaching new skills such as building an App and for students who want to have a taster of different university courses.

For older students, there are free webinars on getting ahead with their University applications, UK and US Universities Uncovered, Oxbridge Demysitfied, and “How to write a Perfect Personal Statement”. For more information visit their website here.

Carfax Education


Synkers connects parents to highly qualified private tutors in 3 simple steps. They offer personalised learning experiences for all styles and levels across a wide variety of school subjects for all curriculum, such as IB / GCSE/ A Levels and American.
With over 1,000+ qualified, experienced, and result-driven tutors, Synkers are available to help you online and in-person in the comfort of your home, and their educational consultants are guaranteed to find your perfect tutor.

Synkers are offering all members an exclusive AED 50 OFF any online tutoring support. All you have to do is simply download the Synkers app, register, and redeem your promo code by clicking on the following link:
For more information, call Synkers at 052 911 2109 and get a free consultation from their education experts.


Bonas MacFarlane

Bonas MacFarlane tutors help hundreds of children of all ages and ability gain admission to the most competitive schools and universities and are one of the leading providers for one-to-one tuition and educational advice.  All of their tutors are from Oxbridge, Russell Group, and Ivy League Universities, and have a wealth of tutoring experience both in-person and online. They can cover all subjects from KS1 through to university and have experience preparing students for a range of exam boards and entrance exams, to achieve exceptional results.

British Mums members can get a 10% discount across all online sessions as well as their taster courses for I/GCSE, IB/A-Level, and University.

For more information visit or contact Managing Director Angus, who is standing by to put a plan in place for your family, | 0505039158

Bonas McFarlane Tutor

Golden Brain Academy

Catering for ages 4 – 17, Golden Brain Academy is run by an expert team of handpicked fully qualified British teachers who are offering a FREE 30 minute trial lesson for new students! They personally match every child with a tutor who best fits their learning needs with one of their engaging and passionate tutors to ensure your child makes outstanding progress and achievement.

Contact them today on and read more here:

The Bailey Academy of Language

For Spanish and French support, try Rachel Bailey at The Bailey Academy of Language.  Rachel teaches from the age of 4, offering a tailored young learners programme, up until GCSE and A-Level.  As well as helping with revision or general language learning, she is experienced in international curriculums.  Rachel is offering a FREE Online introductory lesson and a 20% discount with a first booking!  Tailoring her lessons to be fun and engaging over Zoom with interactive materials, UK based Rachel Bailey holds a First Class Honours Degree from Durham University in Modern Languages (Spanish and French) and holds an advanced TEFL/TESOL teaching qualification.

Contact for more information.

Rachel Bailey Tutor


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