When you travel with kids, the bags and suitcases make you look and feel like an overloaded camel, weighed down with every piece of baby paraphernalia, a collection of carefully negotiated toys, iPads, headphones and snacks galore! You’re lucky if you don’t throw your back out while hauling everything through the airport.

Between us, the team at British Mums has done a fair bit of travelling to the UK with our kids every summer. With the help of Mumzworld, we have come up with a stream-lined list of the top ten products to make moving from A to B easier, and hopefully save you a trip to the chiropractor!

You can get all these item online at www.mumzworld.com, and look out for the ‘Yalla’ tag which gets your items delivered to you within 24 hours! Don’t forget British Mums get 10% off all year-round with promo code LOVEBM!

Bugaboo – Butterfly Complete Me Stroller

No one wants to be that mum who is wrestling a toddler in Arrivals but has to wait until baggage claim for her stroller! Behold the ultra-compact Bugaboo Butterfly; the one-second fold stroller for travel life. When folded it measures 45 x 23 x 54 cm which means you can take it on the plane as hand luggage. (Hand luggage allowance may vary depending on your airline). You can also fold and unfold it at lightning speed. It’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, yet super sturdy for wherever life takes you and your little one.

Boba Wrap

Keep your hands free for the whole journey with The Boba Wrap. Its perfect for babies from birth, including preemies and is made from amazingly soft material. Your best friend for the airport and day trips in the UK, all you need to do is tie the wrap snugly against your body and it will fit perfectly every time. (There’s a super useful ‘how to video’ on the Mumzworld website too). It also folds up, so the wrap can be packed easily into a bag.

Childhome – Mommy Bag Big

Never again lose your bag with this Childhome – Mommy Bag Big. It’s so large and spacious, that some mums even use it as a hospital bag to begin with and then use it as their travel essential. It comes with a bonus changing mat and if you want to play ‘Couples Matchy Matchy’ there’s a ‘Daddy Bag’ rucksack version available.

Graco Nimble Nook PlayPen 

Graco Nimble Nook PlayPen is a removable, full-size bassinet that provides the perfect spot for your baby to catch a nap or play when you’re away. It has automatically folding feet with Graco’s one push button, and with the added wheels it means it’s perfect for travel.

Stokke – Jetkids Bedbox V2 

This is the lifesaver of long haul, a ride-on suitcase that turns an economy seat into a firstclass travel experience. The travel essential combines Scandinavian style and aviation-inspired design with practical features for the entire journey. After the seat belt sign is off, the BedBox can be transformed from a suitcase to a bed in 5 simple steps, allowing your child to rest comfortably or sleep during long and short-haul flights. (It’s also officially approved by many airlines). Fun and functional with ample storage, the BedBox will hold all your child’s supplies, books and action figures. It’s available in pink, green, blue or white and once packed, your little one can ride it (or pull it) through the airport for stress-free travel.

Ewan The Dream Sheep – Baa Baa Blankie

Ewan the dream sheep has a new member in his flockintroducing the baa baa blankie! This super soft comfort blanket is made from snuggly plush with silky edging, perfect for bedtime cuddles wherever you are in the world. Ewan’s friendly face comes in classic purple or grey and is combined with a gorgeously soft baa baa blankie helping your little ones drift off to dreamland, without the need to count sheep!

Bizzi Growin – Vegan Leather Rucpod 

It looks like a ruck
sack but it actually pops out to be a cosy bassinet for your baby. Saving you both time and space this is comfort on the go. The clever little pod is made with busy parents in mind. The straps mean you can attach it to a stroller and there’s also a very handy mosquito net. (Not that we really get them in the UK, but you never know). Also comes in a beautiful Porcini colour.

DjecoKatuvu – Mini Travel Observation Game

When you hit the road to visit the umpteen relatives at home, try this mini travel observation game as a boredom buster! The kids will need to keep their eyes peeled to find the objects on the cards, as the world outside whizzes past the car window! The game is suitable for 2 to 4 players and lasts about 10 minutes, unless, like our kids, they like playing it again and again!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit

This portable care kit is all you need to groom and care for a baby from birth and beyond. Ideal for use when traveling (or at home), it includes a digital oral thermometer, a nasal aspirator, baby scissors, baby nail clippers, emery boards, a baby toothbrush, and a brush and comb set. It’s good to have it all safely stored in one place!

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