It doesn’t matter how long you have lived in Dubai (I’ve spent 25 years here), we still gaze in awe at the amazing creations around us.  Back in the 1980s, the Trade Centre was the tallest building and Sheikh Zayed Road was two lanes each way – fast forward 40 years later and it’s a metropolis of wonder and excitement.

One such creation is without doubt, Nakheel’s iconic Palm Jumeirah, which started in 2000 and completed 6 years later. As a way of adding an additional 70km of coastline to the growing Emirate, this project was the first in the world of making a man-made island at sea. It’s astonishing what was accomplished and until now, the only real way to marvel at the sheer brilliance of The Palm, has been to jump out an aeroplane with Sky Dubai.

Thankfully, for those not so keen on a skydive (myself included), The View at The Palm has recently opened and it’s not just an interesting journey for adults but a fantastic way to visually aid our children on The Palm and explain about the design, the trunk, the fronds and the outer crescent.

Accessible via Nakheel Mall, you just head to level 2 to take the internal elevator to the Roof Terrace. Once out, head over to Palm Tower (referenced by my 4-year as resembling the Lookout Tower from Paw Patrol – there’s some similarity, I admit) where your journey to The View begins.

With a welcoming lobby that encompasses Nakheel’s usual take on hospitality and attention to detail, there’s a small aquarium with a family of Dory-fish, a Starbucks and the ticket office. You can purchase your tickets at The View or online and they start at AED 100 per adult and AED 69 per child (children under 4 years join free). You’ll then head through to a digital aquarium tunnel which the kids loved just as much as seeing real fish. Whilst this should be a quick walk through, we stayed for a while naming all the different types of sea creatures we could see.

You’ll then head through to a section which shows photos taken from space, offering a timeline of the Palm’s construction, before another digital room that once again, the kids loved! Following the footprints on the floor triggered a re-creation of The Palm and how the sand was placed in different areas to create the iconic shape. Then it’s onto a short film in the immersive theatre and a further exhibition on the entire process, timeline, equipment used and anything and everything you would possibly want to know about The Palm’s construction. I loved this part of the journey as it gave you a real feeling of going back 15-20 years and experiencing exactly what happened as part of the inspirational creation process.

Then head out to the elevator that’ll take you 52 floors up to The View. Again, virtual screens set the scene of the lift raising from underwater where you’re surrounded by sea life, up to the distinctive Palm Jumeriah buildings and then higher to boast views of Dubai’s skyline. It might have been a virtual tour, but the girls were none the wiser as they pointed out the city’s famous landmarks.

Walking out onto the observatory deck, 240 metres above the ground, it’s truly a 360-degree view with floor to ceiling glass windows and we were lucky to get a clear day so could see right over to Downtown Dubai. Even with my small phobia of heights, it was amazing to see the sheer precision and detail that had gone into designing The Palm and we particularly loved having a good old nosy at the amazing and beautiful houses on the fronds. There are binoculars available, but we’re the geeky family who brought their own, and it was great to name all the hotels on the Outer Crescent as well as spot the rides in the impressive new section of Aquaventure. Although incredible by day, The View would be even more dazzling at sunset and a fab place to watch the city light up as evening falls. We also reckon this would be a fab spot to catch the Fountains at The Pointe!  If you’re planning a day trip, don’t forget your sunnies and a hat and of course, a decent camera as while the view is unforgettable, it’s nice to capture the memory.

Ticket Prices and How to Book

For more information on The View At The Palm, please visit their website,  call 800THEVIEW or to book tickets, visit their website.  There’s general admission tickets which are AED 100 for adults and AED 69 for children over 4, fast track access tickets begin at AED 175 for adults and AED 120 for children over 4. VIP passes which include a glass of bubbly and traditional Arabic sweets and dates in the VIP lounge begin at AED 350 and AED 200 for children. Children under 4 are free.

Written by Lauren Savill, British Mums.


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