Having a baby is probably one of the most exciting things that can happen to a woman – as well as the scariest! From the moment you see those two pink lines, your mind is racing as you think of everything that lies ahead! Doctor’s appointments, lifestyle changes, what you’re going to call your baby and, of course, making sure you buy or collect everything you need to ensure your little one is safe, healthy and taken care of.

Shopping for a new baby can be a daunting task, especially for first-time mums. There are so many choices when it comes to accessories like car seats and strollers, necessities like cribs and cots and nice-to-haves like 101 different outfits! That’s why the British Mums team has put together this checklist, with the help of our friends at Sprii – Everything for Mums, the Middle East’s number one shopping website. Remember that in addition to receiving 10% off all products all year round, you’ll get FREE shipping on all orders (no matter what you spend), plus FREE returns within 7 days. Just use the code BM10.



Shopping for baby clothes is one of the best bits of preparing for your little one! There are so many options available you’ll definitely find everything you need! The most basic items are as follows:

  • 4-8 onesies (wide head openings and loose legs)
  • 4-8 vests (wide head openings, snaps under crotch)
  • 4-8 one-piece pajamas
  • 1-3 sweaters or cardigans (front buttoned)
  • 1-3 rompers or other dress-up outfits
  • 4-7 socks or booties (shoes are unnecessary until baby walks)
  • 1-3 hats (broad-brimmed for a summer baby, soft cap that covers ears for a winter baby)
  • No-scratch mittens
  • Fleece suit for a winter baby if travelling to cooler climates

Start your shopping list here.


Babies spend most of their time sleeping during their early months. Some parents decide to co-sleep with baby in bed with them, some decide to have a crib, cot or bassinet next to their bed, while others are quite comfortable to let their baby sleep in his or her own room from the start. Whatever you decide, make sure you invest in quality products that offer comfort and safety.

Sprii offers an extensive range of baby sleep solutions, which you can view here.


SnuzPod³ Bedside Crib

For co-sleeping we recommend the SnuzPod³ Bedside Crib. The SnüzPod3 boasts a stunning new look and brand-new features, including a reflux incline, a wider and lighter lift-off bassinet and dual-view breathable mesh sides, making it the perfect sleep solution from newborn to 6 months.

Find it here.

Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Pod

Recommended by midwives and maternity nurses, the Sleepyhead Deluxe pod is a patented and fully tested multi-functional pod for your baby. You can use this pod for all around the house; awake, resting or sleeping! When bed-sharing and co-sleeping as a crib or cot insert; as a play pod and lounger for tummy time; as a sleep positioner; as a changing station; as a travel bed or when visiting family and friends. Sleepyhead Deluxe benefits from a fully exchangeable cover, thanks to a child-safe zipper around the bumper.

Find it here.

Safety comes first

Experts all agree that crib bedding poses a significant danger to babies. Avoid crib bumpers, baby comforters, quilts, blankets, sleep positioners, stuffed animals and the like in the crib. These are all linked to an increased risk of death or injury caused by smothering, entrapment, and strangulation.

Their recommendation is that the only thing your baby needs in his crib is an appropriate-sized firm mattress and a well-fitted crib sheet.

To keep your baby warm while sleeping, use infant sleep clothing and sleeping bags (for babies older than 6 months). For babies under 6 months you should use a cellular blanket for keeping them warm during naps, instead of blankets. Use a crib designed to prevent the risk of head entrapment rather than using crib bumpers to attempt to retrofit an unsafe crib.

Monitors & Cameras

Keeping an eye on your sleeping baby is a necessity and thankfully there’s so many options of monitors (some audio only, other with video as well) available!

Find them here.

Motorola 3.5 Digital Video Baby Monitor

This nifty monitor features a 3.5″ diagonal colour screen, infrared night vision, video remote pan, it can tilt and zoom and boasts a high sensitivity microphone and pre-recorded lullabies.

Get yours here.

Changing time

Nappies and wipes

On average, newborns require about 12 nappy changes per day. If you’ll be using disposable nappies, avoid panicked trips to the store by buying enough of these before your baby arrives, and if you’ve opted for reusable nappies, ensure that you have enough to use in between laundry loads.

A true mummy essential, wipes are handy in every situation. Give your little one a soothing and refreshing touch with wipes designed to be gentle on baby’s delicate skin. The best wipe to use for newborns are Waterwipes as they’re 99% water with a drop of fruit extract.

Buy all your nappies and wipes essentials here.

A changing surface

All those nappy changes will be much easier if you have a dedicated changing space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must buy a changing table, because having an allocated area in your child’s room will also do. Simply furnish this with a changing pad and two or three changing pad covers.

View some options here.

Diaper Bins

Diaper bins are not a necessity, but it certainly makes life easier and helps prevent odours from lingering after you’ve changed your baby’s nappy.

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

We recommend the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System. The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System is a convenient and hygienic way of disposing of dirty nappies. Featuring Air-Seal™ technology designed to keep bad smells at bay, this simple-to-use system makes a happier, more fragrant home. 1 refill cassette is normally enough for up to 1 month of usage.

Get it here and view other options here.

Creams and Powders

Pampering for baby’s bum! Keep a cream or powder handy for when diaper rash strikes or to prevent one from breaking out.

Our personal favourites are Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream  and Johnson’s Sleep Time Baby Powder. Sudocrem is great for soothing sore skin and treating nappy rash and has been proven to heal nappy rash rapidly. Part of a clinically proven nightly routine to help your baby sleep better, Johnson’s Baby Sleep Time Powder is a gentle and mild talcum powder that you can use after every bath and diaper change so that baby feels fresh and comfortable during the night.

View other options here.


Bath time

Bath time can be a fun, special time to share with your little one. Parents have different needs and opinions of the type of bath being used and choices can range from a bath and changing table to just a small tub placed on a bed or table. Regardless of the type of bath, make sure it’s on a steady surface to avoid accidents and that the area can handle a little water (for example placing a towel underneath the bath on your bed or dresser).

Bathing stations and baths

Childhome Changing Table

If you prefer a bathing and changing station, we highly recommend the Childhome Changing Table. This is a practical nursing table consisting of two separate parts. On the upper part, a changing cushion 43x82cm can be placed. The lower part is equipped with a baby bath and an extra shelf for storage. This lower part is easy to move because of the wheels underneath.

Find it here.

Cam Bollicina Bath Tub

If you prefer just a small portable tub, consider the Cam Bollicina Bath Tub. It features 2 anatomic seats (one reclined seat for babies from 0 to 6 months, and the other one with armrests for children from 6 to 12 months), stability feet and a plug to drain the water.

Find it here.

Splish splash

Wash your little one in plain water if you want to, but make sure you clean the nappy zone and skin folds well. Soaps and shampoos can dry out baby-soft skin and may cause rashes. If you use soap, choose a mild one designed for babies or toddlers and use it sparingly. To avoid having your child sit too long in soapy water, play at the beginning of the bath and save the soap and shampoo for the end.

Find all your baby soaps and shampoos here.

Looking after your baby’s health

Nothing is worse than having an ill newborn and as many mums can tell you, fever often strikes in the evening and over weekends. It’s therefor very important to stock up on the most basic medicines and medical accessories.

Make sure you have the following on hand:

  • Nasal aspirator
  • Plasters
  • Syringes or droppers
  • Thermometer
  • Teethers and teething relief
  • Nebulizer
  • Insect repellent
  • Calpol or Ibuprofen
  • Basic First Aid kit

Don’t forget to grab some grooming and dental essentials!


One of the most common questions new parents have is how often their baby should eat. The best answer is surprisingly simple: in general, babies should be fed whenever they seem hungry. For babies born prematurely or with certain medical conditions, scheduled feedings advised by your pediatrician are best. But for most healthy, full-term infants, parents can look to their baby rather than the clock for hunger cues. This is called feeding on demand, or responsive feeding.

Find all your baby feeding essentials here.


A good breast pump makes feeding your newborn easy. Whether you must go to work or won’t be able to be home at your baby’s feeding time or just need a rest from nursing, a breast pump will help you feed your baby right on time.

Sprii offers a wide range of manual and electric breast pumps, which you can view here. Breast-feeding mums need to also stock up on nursing pads to prevent leaking, nursing covers and bras, breastmilk storage containers or bags and breast shells and creams to prevent sore nipples and offer relief from swollen breasts.

Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breastpump

Medela’s Swing Maxi double electric breastpump has a 2-Phase Expression function that allows you to collect up to 18% more milk than single pumping. Short, stimulating patterns are followed by longer ones to ensure optimal milk flow. The small and compact design is easy to use, transport and store. It’s quick to assemble and easy to clean, so it’s ideal for use on the go with batteries, or at home using the mains adaptor. It includes two bottles and two bottle stands. The comfortable design features a range of vacuum levels and settings. It has a quiet operation for added privacy and can be used in double and single modes.

Get it here.


For many, the decision to breastfeed or formula feed is based on their comfort level, lifestyle, and specific medical situations. If you need to bottle-feed, make sure you have 5-6 feeding bottles and nipples, a bottle brush and cleansers or a sterilizer. A bottle warmer can be a very handy item, especially when travelling. There’s no need to buy the most expensive bottles but do make sure the nipples are of good quality. Nipple shapes and sizes vary and depends on your baby’s size and individual preference – so do be prepared to try a few different options.

For mums who can’t breastfeed or who decide not to, infant formula is a healthy alternative. Formula provides babies with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Sprii stocks most of the popular brands of formula, including NAN, HiPP and Aptamil.

Dr. Browns Narrow Neck Options Newborn Feeding Set 250ml

Dr. Browns feeding bottles are often recommended as this innovative bottle effectively and efficiently covers all parents’ needs because they can help alleviate feeding issues for baby. They are known for reducing colic, spit-up, burping, and gas.

Vitamins C, A, and E are critical for health in infancy. The Dr. Brown’s vent system reduces air bubble oxidation to help preserve bottle milk nutrients. This is important because vitamins and lipids are fragile, and susceptible to nutrient loss.

Get it here.


There’s no denying that one of the most important investments you’ll need to make is purchasing a top-notch car seat.

Visit the Sprii website to view all the options available.

Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus Car Seat

The Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus is a baby car seat with an excellent safety performance, complying with the i-Size (R129) car seat legislation. The Pebble Plus includes a comfortable baby-hugg inlay for a better fit and lying position for the newborn. For the comfort of bigger babies and safety in case of side impact collisions, impact-absorbing material is added to the top side wings. Maxi-Cosi recommends using the Pebble Plus with the 2wayFix base, providing the safest ISOFIX installation and a highly convenient click-and-go system.

Get it here.


A mummy must-have, Sprii wll help you find your perfect stroller! From the New Cosatto range, BabyZen YOYO+ to the Graco Evo and Hauck buggy, there’s something to suit everyone.

BABYZEN YOYO+ Stroller Bundle

It’s no secret that British Mums love the Babyzen Yoyo! It’s versatile, lightweight with a sleek chassis, and specially designed with an extremely compact fold for convenient carry and minimal store. From birth, the baby lies parent-facing and from 6 months onwards, your baby is ready to sit up and discover the world.

With a 4-wheel suspension and patented “soft drive” system, the YOYO+ adapts to any surface, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby. It comes with one-hand folding, unfolding and driving, making it easier to manoeuvre while carrying your baby. The YOYO+ also comes with an extra-large storage basket to fit all your baby essentials.

Get yours here.

Nappy bag

Nappy or changing bags are a great way of carrying your baby’s essentials, such as nappies, wipes, spare clothes, and bottles.

Most bags also come with a loose changing mat, which is essential for nappy changing, wherever you are. Your nappy bag needs have lots of space and be easy to carry. When choosing a nappy bag think about how you will carry your bag when your baby is in their pram. Some bags clip safely on a pram, others must be carried underneath. Also consider your lifestyle before choosing a changing bag. If you’re planning for your partner to use the bag, you may want one that you’re both comfortable carrying.

For a wide range of nappy bags, visit the Sprii website here.

So, ladies, we hope this article has been helpful and that it will make it a little easier for you to start collecting all those must-have items before your little one arrives! Visit www.sprii.com and remember to enter your exclusive British Mums discount code for 10% off Sprii for the entire year!

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