Moving house is most definitely up there amongst some of life’s more stressful events, and when expats return to the UK, it’s not always a given which area they’ll return to. Family may be spread across the country, jobs may dilate a certain commute and for many of us, it’s the first time returning to live in the UK with children, so schooling also plays a large part in the decision making process. Repatriating or relocating to another country can be incredibly overwhelming, but now Whereshome are here to help.

Whereshome are a specialist team who, after their own experience of moving back to the UK after years of living abroad in the UAE, were inspired to create a platform to assist others. After a stressful few months’ of navigating their own repatriation to the UK they have produced a simple, jargon-free, relatable and supportive resource that they themselves would use.

Their intuitive search tool has been seamlessly designed to make finding, browsing and selecting a new home location as easy and pain-free as possible. They can help to cut through the confusion and eliminate stress by showing you a selection of ideal home locations based on a few simple questions. You are then invited to discover these potential homes via simply presented statistics, practical information and honest local assessments, all without having to lift a finger. Their services have been carefully designed to streamline the entire home hunting and relocation process, so you can enjoy the thrill of embarking on an exciting new adventure without the stress.

Whereshome services include a Location Finder to understand your requirements to be able to recommend towns to suit your needs, a Property Search connecting you with local trusted and vetted estate agents, mortgage ddvisors, conveyors, surveyors and home insurers as well as a School Search working closely with you to understand your educational needs for your children. Not only that, but there’s also information on international and local movers ensuring a smooth relocation process, international pet relocation optionsand even Life Coaching offering emotional support in repatriating to the UK, especially important if you’ve been living abroad for a while.

Whether you’re repatriating, or relocating within the UK, the entire moving process can be a little overwhelming to say the least. Whereshome provide a range of complete concierge services for those of you who want an experienced helping hand to do the heavy lifting. The concierge service is broken down in to three distinct packages to ensure a seamless and stress-free relocation experience for your particular needs. Included within each package is access to a team member at Whereshome, a location will be found based on your criteria, you will be carefully paired with an independent buyer or estate agent to assist with your purchase or rental. Whereshome will also view any properties on your behalf,connecting you with a trusted representative at each stage of the move (for example, mortgage brokers, surveyors or solicitors) and will arrange the relocation of your belongings. Furthermore you can also choose help with school selection and even the admissions process and if you don’t have the time, or the inclination, then Whereshome offer a dedicated project manager who will handle your entire move from start to finish.

Whatever your circumstances for moving back to the UK, you can feel reassured that Whereshome have your best interests at heart, using their own experience, they have put together a robust service covering every aspect of relocation and repatriation to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

You can book a 30 minute consultation call via their website Whereshome, or for more information email the team at  An initial 30 minute consultation costs AED 250 (£49).


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