Hello all, it is great to have you join me – a divine welcome to all you who are watching.

I’m Kelly Lundberg, celebrity stylist and founder of StyleMeDivine.com.  For the past 11 years I have been living here in Dubai and styling not only British Mums, but a fair few celebs and royalty along the way.

I am super excited about this exclusive opportunity to work with British Mum’s Dubai as your resident stylist.

I will be sharing my fashion tips, giving you the heads up on the up-and-coming trends in fashion, helping you with your style dilemmas and giving you tools and techniques that will enable you to decipher your dress attire so that you can craft and coordinate garments and accessorise with confidence and flair.

In this video I give you the heads up on what to expect in upcoming episodes.  We all know that fashion is fickle, but I am here to help with your everyday life to make fashion fit in with your lifestyle and to suit your style personality.

We will be exploring how to banish those fashion myths …. and from my experience there are way too many of these.  I am going to be giving you tips on what to wear on the school run, for that dreamy date night (when it’s more than just the cinema!), simple yet stylish shoe staples, what’s in what’s out of season and what will transcend seasons, those must have wardrobe staples, what to pack for holidays or business travel, and how you can travel in style with comfort and stylish ease.

The list is endless… and we don’t stop there working together and learning.

Yes, what’s great about this format is that if you can ask me questions about your style dilemmas or just send me a comment.  Under each video you will have access to ask me and I will do my best to answer these over the coming weeks. So let me know your thoughts and what you would like me to feature in future.

Enjoy this week’s video – all about style personalities, which one do you think you are?