Right now I’d rather have this all down already and be well on my way to being in blogging comfort, rather than a newbie.

It’s February 2017 & I find myself in a town I’ve known since I was just 10 years old. I’m sitting in my 11 year old daughter’s assembly. Matilda is just a year older than I was all those years ago, nervously scanning the new faces, that seem almost identical to those I remember from my long hot summers in the Cornwall that I started to love over 25 years ago.

But I’m not on holiday now. This is home. My family is on my doorstep, there is no time zone difference, no different weekly school calendar. Sundays are back to lie in’s & family roasts. My darling son is back with me after a year in Canada, bringing his girlfriend with him, and both as happy as Larry working together in the popular gin bar/ gastropub just 5 minutes down the cobbled street. In fact, all 3 children are happy & settled, my husband’s stress levels are down from the point of sky rocketing to almost non-existent ( unheard of when running ones own business), but it doesn’t quite feel like home….yet. 

I’m still struggling to fit in. 

I’ve relocated back to the UK from Dubai. It would make sense for me to just slot right back into life here. Yet I feel I’ve left part of me in Dubai.

I struggle most days, especially when its cold & wet, not helping myself at all, looking on social media at friends pages who I’ve left behind, enjoying the winter sun, weekend mini vacay’s we used to love at the numerous hotels offering 5* luxury nowhere in the UK could even match, or even come close to.

I miss the different cultures, the 200+ nationalities living side by side, the vast variety of food. I feel I really grew up in Dubai, I learnt a lot about myself.

Yet, now, I don’t feel like “me” at all.

I feel like I don’t belong, I’m told time will help….

Fast forward 4 months, and you know what, it’s starting to. 

I’ve taken a few weeks off from the blog, despite thinking on a daily basis I should really get my thoughts down. I just couldn’t find the right words. Nothing made sense & I sounded like a miserable cow. 

Yet now the words are coming back. I’m coming back….

We have just had Whitsun half term, my nephew flew down from Gatwick to Newquay (only 45 minutes) and we spent a wonderful week surfing, rock pooling, eating fish & chips out of the paper.

We BBQ’d local mackerel on the beach, played beach cricket, and on Friday at 5pm, the temperature at a hot 25’c, we met Matilda’s best friend from school & her parents.

Whilst the girls surfed & jumped the waves and played being Mermaids, we sat at the beach bar sipping  G&T’s.

This, apparently is normal now for a Friday after school finishes.

Locals, as I’m now told we are, kick back after a long week at work. The kids social hang out is the sea, bobbing up & down whilst straddling their surfboards in a makeshift circle as the waves pass beneath them. Sitting round a campfire on the beach, watching the pink sun set into the sea at 9,45pm, pizza’s are ordered. My skin begins to glow that glorious colour created by the combination of salty seawater and sun. My hair is bleached. 

I look at Matilda and think how lucky she is to be entering her teenage years, knowing this is her life now. This is now normal, not a holiday.

This is now home.

Summer is coming. Life feels good. In fact, it feels wonderful.

I’ve been reading a few posts from mums recently on where to holiday in the UK, and it got me thinking. How about I share my life here in St Ives, Cornwall with you all?

As the temperature rises in the Sandpit, it’s time to start thinking about holidaying in cooler climbs, long balmy evenings when the sun doesn’t set till nearly 10pm, school holidays and making wonderful memories on your travels.

So why Cornwall, & why St Ives?

Over the past 5 months, (despite my wobbles) I’ve loved sharing my relocation experience to the UK, my Instagram stories with friends still in Dubai, my new day-to-day life; walking Matilda to school, with seagulls calling to each other overhead, other, shyer birds tweeting as we walk along the coastal path, the waves crashing against the rocks. Watching the snowdrops bloom & the smell of wild garlic wafting through the air, blue sky on blue sea as far as the eye can see, I feel incredibly blessed to be in Cornwall watching Spring turn into Summer. 

You can fly to Newquay airport from Aberdeen, Alicante, Belfast, Birmingham, Cork, Doncaster, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Faro, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Gatwick, Manchester & Newcastle. Most flights are 45 minutes to Newquay, which beats 5 hours in the car if you are already in the South East of the UK or in the North. 

There are many beautiful properties to rent, from beach-side apartments, to large family cottages, full of charm & Cornish character. Whether you’re looking for a summer or Christmas let, a family of 4 or larger groups up to 15, there are cottages to suit your requirements. I have so much more to tell you, which I will next time. 

My blog is currently getting some much-needed TLC, and should be back up & running in a few weeks. I will keep you posted via Instagram when its ready, and you can read my relocation journey, & more on life in Cornwall. Bon voyage!

You can follow fellow British mum Victoria on Instagram @travelswithmrslg for inspiration on holidaying in Cornwall.

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