It might be summer but nothing beats a good spring clean every now and again, and whether you’re staying here in the UAE for the holidays and need your AC to be working efficiently, or venturing abroad and want to return to clean sofas and mattresses, now is the perfect time to give the house a bit of a spruce. Good & Well Cleaning Services have been established for 10 years and specialise in eco-friendly advanced cleaning and sanitisation services throughout the whole of Dubai and Sharjah.

Good & Well Cleaning Services mission is to keep your home environment safe, clean and healthy by providing their first-class service. Their professional team will help to eradicate dust mites, bacteria and allergens from your home through their extensive range of services; including the cleaning of rugs, carpets, leather and curtains and the ever popular mattress, sofa and air duct cleans.

When was the last time you had your AC ducts cleaned? If you can’t remember then it’s probably long overdue. On average you should only need to clean your homes’ ducts every 2 years, depending on usage, so if it’s been a while then it’s a great idea to have a full AC clean. Good & Well Cleaning Services have some of the best equipment in the business to quickly and effectively remove the build up of dirt that lurks in the ductwork. Once they have removed the dirt and cleaned the ducts they then apply antibacterial and anti-fungal deodorisers to keep the ducts clean and safe, this also increases the efficiency of your AC – something we rely on hugely here, especially over the summer months.

Mattress Cleaning

It’s pretty gruesome but on average humans shed around 15 million skin cells each night, multiply that by however long you’ve had your mattress and you don’t have to be Carol Vorderman to work out your mattress is a hot bed (‘scuse the pun) for bacteria. Good & Well offer several mattress cleaning services including; a complete sanitisation where a deep steam and extraction is implemented, a urine, blood and stain removal service which is a popular choice for those with small children and pets, and an odour treatment to remove any unwanted whiffs leaving you with a fresh and clean smelling mattress.

Lastly, if you’ve got small children or pets, your sofa has probably seen its fair share of chocolate smears, snack debris and spilt drinks. Good & Well can help with their professional deep steam cleaning. After a rigorous brush of the sofa – goodbye biscuit crumbs – they will apply their steam extraction method to remove any stains, smells and bacteria, for more stubborn stains they’ll heat the water to 180 degrees using specialist equipment to help remove the stain without damaging your sofa.

If you’d like to find out more about the great range of services Good & Well offer or for more information please call 055 924 6886 or email the team at



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