It’s that time of year when lots of families are (sadly) leaving Dubai, and understandably lots of British mums are keen to get lots of items sold!

Equally, British mums love a good bargain and over the years, ladies have scooped up some brilliant furniture, clothing bundles, toys and many a Jumperoo!

The great bonus of buying and selling between each other is that British mums look after their stuff, so when you buy and sell within our community, you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet a lovely fellow British mum in the process!

However, not everyone wants to see items for sale and we don’t want the important group posts to get flooded with the volume of second-hand goods that always increases as we approach the Summer exodus, so here’s our British Mums guidelines about how best to sell your classifieds items. Have a good read as there are two ways to sell the goods you no longer want:

1) Use the British Mums website

You may post your items for sale on the British Mums website classified section (we recommend this).

Why do we recommend listing on the British Mums website?

1) The British Mums Dubai group is VERY busy, but the website is even busier, so you have just as much chance at selling your item!

2) Using Facebook means that your post soon disappears out of sight and is difficult to search for, (unless a buyer is searching the group at the right time, they would miss it completely!)

3) Your British Mums website listing stays live for one month. You receive an automated email just before it expires allowing you to “renew” your listing if you wish.

4) As a buyer, you can search by filtering the category of items you want to buy – (for example, Buggies, Prams & Car seats) – without seeing the stuff you don’t want to see!

5) It’s quick to upload your listing on the website. You can add up to 10 images for each listing (or even a video).

6) The British Mums website is linked to google maps, so if you see something you like, press “get directions” and it will take you to the buyers address on your phone!

7) Although everyone can visit the British Mums website, only British Mums registered members can view the contact details of your listing, meaning that your details are kept safe and secure – just between mums!

8) British Mums Dubai group community team will share your classified listings on the website to the group once you have listed it.


2) Use the British Mums Dubai Facebook Group

However, if you still wish to post into the Facebook group, you may do so, as long as you also do the following guidelines:

1) Upload your items into one album.

2) Make sure you include a description and the condition.

3) Include the price (no offers or auction formats permitted).

4) You must clearly state your location.

5) No menswear, cars, other vehicles, new items, office equipment or properties are permitted to be shared within the group. These should all be loaded into the British Mums website and then the link shared in your Facebook post.

In addition

The first mum to comment on your post has first right of refusal to what you are selling. If the buyer doesn’t make contact with you within 48 hours, you may move to the second in line.

Your listing in the group should be for sale exclusively within the British Mums community.

Direct messaging the seller (instead of commenting) is not permitted. We ask that mums comment on the post to ensure transparency as a courtesy to other mums.

No items are permitted to be sold on behalf of another person.

Sellers cannot sell items you have bought with an intention of re-selling.

Tickets should be posted at face value or less.

If you wish to place your items for sale on the British Mums website, click on the link here

Happy Buying and Selling!