Year 7 is a BIG change for every student ‘moving up’ to Secondary school. Dubai’s South View School offers an all-through, authentic British, and exceptional value education that’s high on academics, high on quality teachers, low on fees whilst not compromising on quality – and it looks impressive.

Situated minutes away from the Expo 2020 site and near to Dubai’s prime Expat communities including Remraam, Motor City, Sports City and Arabian Ranches, parents joining South View School have a chance to belong to a solid group of like-minded, driven, and progressive Mums and Dad’s that see the benefit of being founding families at a school that’s already making a gleaming impression on Dubai’s ever-changing education landscape.

Key Stage 3 in Secondary school covers the National Curriculum for England from Year 7 through to Year 9. The main differences from Key Stage 2 in Primary (Years 3 – 6) include the increased level and amount of independent work the children need to undertake. This is one of the biggest concerns of parents as ultimately children need to be able to adapt to work under pressure and efficient time management. As well as seeing some curriculum expansion, subjects such as Science will put more emphasis on the three major disciplines and this can be a significant change.

This new way of working may come as a big change for some students, (and an even bigger blow for parents if you’re not aware of what’s ahead). One thing’s for sure; preparation for Secondary is everything and just as South View are nurturing their youngest students through these important first years, they’re equally preparing their Secondary students who look set to leave the school as confident young adults with top grade GCSE’s and A Levels.

South View School are confident that their school leavers will be well prepared, ready and eager to meet the challenges of the professional world or further study, and will continue to enjoy learning for the rest of their lives by putting a robust transition plan into place.

‘Transition Afternoons’ are going to be held in June and July where children moving up to Secondary will be briefed about the expectations of Key Stage 3, the curriculum, the key organisation skills that will be required of them and the all-important social-emotional mindset that’s a crucial requirement to face academics and life head-on.

The preparation doesn’t stop there though. Over the summer holidays, all Year 6 students will receive a pack of activities to complete that will ensure they are Secondary ready. They will also be given a list of books to ensure they’ve started reading the necessary breadth of literature styles that await them.

Once they’ve actually started Year 7, all of South Views’ pupils will sit an initial assessment called ‘MidYIS.’ This is a clever computer-adaptive assessment that provides key information to both teachers and parents, and helps identify each pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, to also predict how they’re then likely to go on and perform when taking their GCSE’s.

It’s crucial of course – At a time when nobody appreciates an unwanted surprise, these intuitive assessments offer reliable predictions that are focused around the four key areas that research shows are linked to later academic outcomes.

Expect to see vocabulary (especially word fluency and understanding) high on the agenda along with Maths (logical thinking, manipulating numbers, numerical concepts and more), non-verbal abilities (recognising complex shapes, matching patterns, applying spatial awareness and visual intuition) as well as much-needed life skills such as proofreading, perceptual speed and accuracy, all being highly expected in the workplace.

South View School, like any other strong British school, is offering a wide range of subjects in Year 7 that consists of Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Technology, ICT, PE, Drama, Music, and PSCHE amongst others. As it forges ahead with its seamless transition path, one thing’s for sure; it’s going to be an exciting time to be a student there.

As pupils find their strength in areas of the curriculum that they are most naturally suited to, they’re also encouraged to take on more leadership roles within the school; South View’s ‘SVS Ambassadors’ will proudly represent the whole school community as members of the student council, as prefects, as house leaders and even buddies for younger students; roles which will be inclusive and demanding.

With a role for everyone, additional trips and inter-school competitions will make for an as busy-as-you’d-like-it Secondary school experience. In fact, what South View School offers IS pretty unique. With a focus on affordability, South View (that’s operated by renowned educators Interstar Education), are offering an all-the-way-through solution to secondary school that not only offers stability and security in this current economic climate, but thankfully a very competitive and valuable lifetime sibling discount that’s applicable for families with 2 or more children.

This, and the fact that the school promises to fulfill its purpose of nurturing young leaders to thrive in the global, fast-paced environment of tomorrow, means South View students have the resources, facilities and guidance to ace their GCSE’s and A- Levels.

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