We’ve all heard of adults attaining their MBA but who has ever heard of a Junior MBA programme just for children? Well, now one school in Dubai is set to roll out it’s first of a kind entrepreneurship programme for all pupils from Year 1 upwards from September 2017 and we’re loving the sound of it! 

The Arcadia Preparatory School is fairly new into Dubai’s schooling scene; It’s located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Triangle and offers the National Curriculum for England to pupils studying from the Early Years Foundation Stage (FS1) to Key Stage 2 (Year 6).  

What’s different about their approach to education is their strong approach to entrepreneurialism, much of it coming from their CEO, Navin Valrani, a graduate from two of the world’s leading business schools, The Wharton School of Business and the London Business School.

Mr Valrani has just announced the launch of the region’s first Entrepreneurship programme for primary school pupils, to inspire and teach them the basics of entrepreneurship. The programme is based on the first year MBA programme and we’re told that the Junior MBA will be offered to all pupils from Year 1 upwards and will cover key areas such as finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurship and at the end of the programme, pupils will be given the grand opportunity to present their business ideas in front of their parents – what a proud moment that’s going to be! 

“The Arcadia Junior MBA is designed to be an integral part of our Enrichment Learning Programme and will offer pupils the opportunity to create their own business plans. An initiative of this nature will plant the early seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of young children and teach them how businesses can positively impact society,” said Navin Valrani. 

“Someday these ideas may even turn out to be real businesses for Arcadia’s pupils. We look forward to doing our bit in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs,” he added.

The Junior MBA programme is only open to Arcadia’s pupils and classes will be held at the Enterprise Hub of the school’s JVT campus. Have a look at their website for more info http://www.arcadia.sch.ae/ 

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