As British Mums living in Dubai, we’ve all heard about British Dad, Nick Watson and his son, Rio, better known as Team AngelWolf, along with Mum Delphine and sister Tia. Team AngelWolf  have a collective goal to raise awareness about healthy living and wellness for all and to create a more inclusive, kinder global community.

Nick and Rio have announced their latest endurance challenge, which will see them walk up and down the stairs of their home a staggering 118 times, the equivalent of climbing the world’s tallest tower – the Burj Khalifa.

On Saturday 9th May, Rio, who is a Person of Determination, will be strapped to his father’s back as the pair ascend – and descend – a total of 829m (2,722 ft) in one continuous climb-a-thon. The Climb With Rio challenge, which is expected to take up to four hours, aims to inspire people to stay at home, stay safe and stay fit during the COVID19 pandemic.

As part of the initiative Nick and Rio are encouraging people from all over the world to get involved and take on their own climb-a-thon, by picking an iconic landmark and virtually scaling it, without having to leave their homes.

Team AngelWolf founder Nick Watson says: “Our motto has always been togetherness and inclusivity, so the Climb With Rio challenge is our way of bringing people together at a time when many of us are being asked to stay apart. Both globally and locally, we are all going through a really tough period and we believe that this is a great opportunity to spread positivity throughout our communities. For those observing Ramadan, we also hope that our challenge can help raise awareness of the importance of staying healthy and active while fasting during the Holy Month.”

You can support Team AngelWolf and join the challenge at home between Friday 8th May and Sunday 10th May and share their moments online using the hashtag #ClimbWithRio. People of any age and ability can get involved as individuals, families or even through virtual corporate and classmate relays. Wheelchair users can also participate by picking a distance instead of a height and completing it in laps around their homes.

More information and downloadable Climb With Rio challenge packs can be found at

About Team AngelWolf

Climb With Rio is one of countless events the team have spearheaded over the years to raise awareness of people in the UAE with disabilities and to facilitate their involvement in sport. Nick and Rio are regular participants in endurance racing events in the UAE and around the world. Nick – a former Royal Marine and fitness expert – has completed over 215 races with Rio who has a rare chromosome disorder, using specialist equipment so they can both cross the line together.

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