As a mum, it’s only natural that we want everyone in the family to live a healthy and active life. But it’s important to remember that healthy living is more than eating and exercising; it requires a permanent lifestyle change. As a part of preventive health measure, regular health checks are considered a very important step to maintain a healthy living.

The result from the annual health check-up gives you a status update about your current health and helps you find potential health issues whose symptoms you may not experience currently. Regular check-ups help identify underlying illnesses and diseases and through early detection the prognoses improve as you can either make lifestyle changes or start early treatment.

Although people fear that regular check-ups might highlight those issues that they are unaware of and they don’t want to live with the constant worry, having regular health check-ups should provide you relief by saving you from future emotional, physical and monetary burden that comes with any ailment. By identifying the diseases in its earlier stage, you are saving yourself from medical treatment or surgery which may become necessary at a later stage.

Mediclinic City Hospital believes in helping their patients lead a healthy life.  As a part of their preventive health commitment, they are offering 40% discount on their comprehensive health check until 31st March 2020. ‘Well Woman Screening’ for women under 40 years costs AED 1815 and the ‘Well Woman Health Review’ for women over 40 costs AED 2675.  The ‘Routine Health Check’ in men under 40 years costs AED 1160, with the ‘Executive Health Check’ for men over 40 years costing AED 2330. Read here to see what’s included in a health check-up.

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