It’s time to say goodbye to Dubai, it’s an emotional time for you and your family so there’s no need to add additional stress. Choosing the right shipping company can really help make that move go smoothly and stress free.

Before you even start your process of moving, first you need to start the arduous task of minimising, aka clearing out all the kids unwanted toys! By having a good old sort out and taking home only the essentials, will not only make settling in back home easier but will make the move cheaper too.

So, you’ve sorted through your stuff and know what you’re going to be taking home, now the next step is to choose a shipping company, but where do you start? Here’s a handy guide of things to look for when choosing an international mover.

With so many different international moving companies out there, it can be a minefield trying to work out which is the right one for you. To help make it easier look at the following:

What insurance does the removal company offer? Always go with the best insurance!
How are they rated? Look at google reviews, social media reviews, all of this help to make your decision of which is the most reputable out there.
Find out who their accredited partner is at the arrival destination as this can help make the decision easier too.
Choose a shipping company that helps set you up in your arrival country, by helping advise with import customs regulations and paperwork.
Make sure you only pay for the space you need. Reputable moving companies offer ‘groupage’ which minimises space usage by sharing containers with others.
What packing materials do they use? They should have different packing options for all your belongings no matter their shape or size!
Reputable movers know the UAE shipping routes and can help to advise on realistic moving times, choose a specialist moving company that can support you through the entire journey.

You’ve chosen your removal company, they’ve packed, prepared a detailed inventory and given you the shipping details. The time has come to say goodbye to Dubai, so leave your worries with your movers, they will have everything sorted so all you need to worry about it what drink you’ll enjoy on the flight home!

Looking for a stress-free specialist international removal company? Try Fusion Relocations a reputable specialist shipping company –  they remove all the worries of moving back home.

For more details about Fusion Relocations, call 800-FUSION (800-387466), WhatsApp 055 288 4607 visit their website or email  You can also visit their Instagram and read customer reviews here.

Fusion Relocations are are certified under ISO 9001, 14001, 45,001 and a global member of IAM (International Association of Movers), BAR (British Association of Removers), PCG by FIDI and PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association)


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