Let’s face it, sadly our bodies keep on changing – and especially post-children. Weight fluctuations, hormonal changes and then the dreaded ageing sets in, but as if that wasn’t enough, our intimate area (“down there”) also suffers – but hope is not lost as there are some amazing new ways to turn back the clock!

With breakthrough treatments that promise to fix urinary incontinence, natural lubrication issues and tightening of the vagina, it’s no wonder that these ever-so-clever aesthetic treatments are proving to be a hit with those in the know and are getting more and more popular each year in Dubai.

Known as “intimate rejuvenation,” treatments range from a blend of cosmetic dermatological surgical and non surgical procedures that focus on helping women address concerns that come with ageing, childbirth, pregnancy, and at times birth conditions. Dr Maria Karakoulaki the expert Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynaecologist at Aesthetics at King’s College Hospital, Dubai advocates that one of the leading aesthetic treatments in the market today is the FemiLift laser and it’s this remarkable non-surgical intimate rejuvenation device that uses the power of laser to treat a wide range of issues.

Just like the skin in other areas of the body sags due to age or massive weight loss, so can “down there.” The FemiLift laser treatment works by stimulating collagen regeneration which leads to contraction – and hence tightening. With this treatment you can expect to see tissue restored to a more youthful state with a decrease in diameter and by attending just three sessions usually one month apart, the best bit is that the results can last for years!

When it comes to dryness, (which can also lead to discomfort and sometimes even pain), the FemiLift laser treatment rejuvenates the vaginal tissues that improves lubrication and normalizes the pH and flora of the vagina. An even bigger plus point is that it also enhances the local immune system which can help to get rid of chronic infections too.

Urine leakage or having a “loose bladder” is a VERY common problem among many women worldwide (and you might even be fibbing just a tiny bit if you say you can jump on the trampoline with the kids without noticing it!) For anyone facing this problem, you’ll usually find that when taking part in activities that increase intra-abdominal pressure (which also applies to sneezing and coughing), you’ll probably be suffering from leakage too.

The FemiLift laser treatment, stimulates collagen renewal, which induces rejuvenation and tissue remodelling and in more serious cases, patients can be referred to  in-house Consultant Obstetrician and expert Urogynecologist Dr Amitabha Majumdar for further examination and a treatment plan.

However embarrassing Stress Urinary Incontinence can be, the great news is there IS a cure. Women don’t have to live with it any more regardless, of age. Even after delivery, many women find that their intimate area feels stretched, dry, and pigmented and the pelvic floor muscles considerably weakened. The FemiLift laser  treatment restores tissue by toning, making it stronger and more flexible, and also making it suitable for post-menopausal rehabilitation where a shift in hormones causes the lining of the vagina to become thinner, less elastic, drier and inflamed. The laser treatment works by rejuvenating the lining, which increases the thickness of the walls, and as a result reinstates regular lubrication.

These are just some of the common intimate issues that Kings College Hospital Dubai treats using FemiLift laser. Aesthetics by Kings College Hospital Dubai, is the place in Dubai for leading aesthetic gynecologists in the region. Their medical experts are board certified and focus on the safety and care of every patient in a compassionate environment with state-of-the-art facilities.

Aesthetic Gynecology Consultation is for free. You can find out more by calling 04 581 3222 for appointments.

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