If you’ve got artificial grass in your garden, then the chances are it could look a little worse for wear right now, as finding a good maintenance crew that can really help your investment stand the test of time, hasn’t always been easy.

Check out Red Lynx Technical Servicesthe only company in Dubai to partner with US firm ‘Turf Fresh’ who are known for treating artificial grass with their 100% organic ‘Bio Turf’.

Being organic means that the treatment Red Lynx uses is totally safe for children and pets, and when they come to transform your garden, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll bring all the specialised equipment and people they need to safely breakdown and manage bacterial contaminants.

Whilst you may think that hosing down your grass every now and again might make it look a bit better for the short term, hosing down the grass won’t actually treat any bacteria build up at all. Bio Turf that Red Lynx use is custom formulated to handle any sort of bacteria that builds up in the grass (which invariably grows as a result of spilt food and drinks, natural debris and even pet urine and faeces in some cases too.)

With Red Lynx, you can really  transform your grass to look like new again and even better news is you can now save money in the process too.

Red Lynx Technical Services are offering British Mums members a discount when you take out your first treatment. In fact, when they come out to your home to quote you, they’ll customise a whole treatment plan that’s based on the size and condition of your grass, as well as the number of pets you have, to ensure you get exactly the right result you would hope for.

Take a look at the before and after pics, and you’ll see that Red Lynx will deep clean, deodorise and re-bloom your grass, leaving it not only smelling as fresh as your clean laundry, but looking like it’s brand new again too.

BioTurf is guaranteed to give you back your safe space and get rid of those embarrassing pet smells which sometimes make you think twice about inviting guests over. You can book your free (and no obligation) site inspection with their friendly team by calling 050 557 3782 and make sure you quote BritMums to save AED 50 off your first treatment.

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