A new app has launched that’s set to save UAE residents a lot of money and time – and it’s a great way to generate some extra income along the way too! Yo Neighbor! is about to seriously change the way we do things across the UAE!

If you offer any service you can feature on the app for free

The Yo Neighbor! app is quite brilliantly simple. It helps not only those looking to rent an item or book a service but if you’re in the service business yourself, it could get you new customers fast!

Hairdressers, photographers, home tutors, personal trainers and artists, (in fact, anyone who’s offering a service at all), are able to enroll their services to the Yo Neighbor! app. It’s good news for users who can easily search what they’re looking for and fab news for business owners as it offers another tried and tested means for acquiring new clients. Simply add what you offer and where you are and you’ll soon have new customers discovering your services.

Find things to rent that you don’t want to buy

Designed to be a cost-effective tool for UAE’s residents, Yo Neighbor! also encourages us to save time and money by renting from each other. Now the burden is eased to make purchases outright – hooray!

Imagine you want to rent out a travel cot for your visitor with a baby or kiddies tables and chairs for your daughters’ party. What about the paddleboard you’d love but just don’t have the room to store, or the camping equipment you won’t use enough to warrant getting the gear yourself? It’s a common scenario for all of us as sometimes we don’t know how long we’ll be living here and therefore don’t want to commit, and many of us simply can’t justify the purchase price.

Thankfully, Yo Neighbor! is here to help as the mobile app allows users to easily search by proximity so that you’ll always find who’s renting out the item that’s closest to you. So now you can do more for less without having to travel far for it and avoid the need to purchase something that you might only use a few times altogether (because we’ve all done it, right?)

Rent out your own items

The nice thing about this app is that not only can you search out items from others, but you can also rent out your items that are laying idle too. So if you never use that DSLR camera that you thought you’d be using every weekend or that drill you bought to put a picture up which has sat in the box ever since, you can help neighbours across the UAE whilst earning yourself some extra cash in the meantime.

Download the Yo Neighbor! app for free here in the App store or here in Google Play and upload your services to try it for yourself. For more info check out www.yo-neighbor.com