As we know, travelling over the summer can be difficult with little ones in tow. One of the big questions is when to fly – especially when you need to take into account sleeping patterns, how to keep tiny fliers occupied and then organise who will pick you up at the other end.

We’ll soon see the usual mass exodus, where thousands will leave the UAE for the summer – just as Ramadan and the Eid Al Fitr holiday begins, so those of you yet to book your flights, let us tell you that Qantas Airways have some pretty tempting offerings for families travelling. 

Firstly, they’ve got their timings spot-on by offering flights twice a day from Dubai’s Terminal 3 to London Heathrow in the award-winning and state of the art mega-plane, the A380. It’s a super smooth flight and with the option of taking either a daylight or an overnight departure, you can choose the perfect flight to suit your family. 

Some of us prefer to touch down on UK soil ready for a full-on day of family fun, and some of us prefer to arrive just after lunch, easing back into home life gently. It’s just as flexible when you choose your return flight back to Dubai too; You can have a well-earned lay-in (or at least try!) leaving Heathrow on the early afternoon flight or you can enjoy a full extra day with the family before spending the night on board arriving back early morning

However, travelling with children isn’t always straight forward – and with tiny tots especially and it often requires quite a bit of preparation! We rate Qantas highly for the fact that they offer us a choice of booking a child, toddler or baby meal and you can pre-order this when booking your flight (on or offline.) If that’s not enough, they’ve got a self-service snack bar that’s got everything from healthy fruit to tempting choccie treats and drinks so that everyone in the economy cabin – from our fussy toddlers to hungry teens, can have a little nibble in between meals! (For us, you’ll be pleased to hear that the on-board menu is superior and “Rockpool inspired” so picture things like yummy crab paired with a glass of white!) 

When it comes to entertainment, we know how important this is for any plane journey (and dare we say, we feel some self-accomplishment if we actually manage to watch a whole film ourselves!) Good news here as Qantas provides over 1,500 state-of-the-art entertainment options across all cabins. This includes around eight family films that change every month, plus plenty of TV programs for children of all ages and they’ve got a special dedicated Kids Zone with a parental lock you can use too.

If you have a child at boarding school who travels frequently to and fro in term breaks, or if your child will be spending some quality time with Granny and Grandad this year, Qantas have a brilliant solution with their unaccompanied minors service that includes full supervision from the moment your child is dropped off at the airport to the minute they’re back in your arms again, which obviously comes as welcome peace of mind for any mum using this service! 

With that kind of family friendly focus its no wonder they’ve notched up some pretty impressive accolades in the region recently. Their Business Class offers a huge benefit for mums travelling with children as the chauffeured transfers on departure and arrival come with fitted car seats so you don’t have to worry about that. They’ve also won a Premium Economy Airline award too as their Premium Economy is a small, 35 seater cabin that’s on the exclusive upper deck, making it feel intimate and much roomier way to travel thanks to its bigger seats and extended legroom, (which is also available on both their daily services to and from Dubai.)

Lastly, but certainly not least, when travelling with our children, it’s always welcoming to be greeted by a cheery, helpful cabin crew member isn’t it? Importantly, Qantas seem to understand what makes family-friendly travel and they promise that we’re set to experience “unrivalled personal service.” That, combined with everything else they offer, sounds like hassle free, enjoyable travel to us.

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