Are you expecting a baby? While you might be busy thinking about baby names and shopping for things you might need after the birth, there’s one more important thing you should consider ─ saving your baby’s cord blood. Cord blood is a rich source of powerful stem cells that’s been used to treat over 80 diseases and currently being used in clinical trials for treating autism, heart damage, brain injury, hearing loss, blindness and even Alzheimer’s disease. Saving the cord blood not only provides your child a fighting chance against many illnesses but also gives them opportunity to enjoy the constant new discoveries and future applications.

Your baby’s cord blood is 100% match to your child and there’s a 25% chance of a match to siblings. There’s a strong possibility that it will be a match for parents too. Over 40,000 transplants have been done worldwide in the past 30 years, since the first cord blood transplant done in 1988 and more than 304 children with cerebral palsy were treated using cord blood stem cells.

Cells4Life/MedCells provides expecting parents in the UAE and Middle East the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect and preserve their newborn baby’s cord blood after birth, with prices starting from AED 10,900.

Cord blood collection is a simple, safe and risk-free procedure which is done by the midwife/OB-GYN after the umbilical cord is detached from the newborn baby. The collected cord blood sample is placed in a specialised collection kit which is sent to their UK laboratory for testing and then cryopreserved for 20 years or more. Licensed by the HTA, Cells4Life is the only cord blood bank to preserve your baby’s cord blood in multiple subdivisions for more flexibility of use in the future and they are kept in 2 separate storage labs in the UK for more security. Cells4Life also provide a wide range of stem cell storage services.

If you’re interested to find out more, speak to the Cells4Life cord blood banking specialists to learn more by calling +971 4 3116613, emailing or visiting their website.

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