You’re pregnant! It’s such an exciting and amazing time and although nine months may seem like a long period, it might not feel long enough to prepare for the arrival of your little one. There are so many questions you have whirring around your head it can sometimes seem overwhelming; so, trying to find vital information for expectant parents all in one place ismuch needed.

Fakeeh University Hospital have a FUH Life Parenthood Programme which takes all the worry off expectant and new parents to help educate and inform. There are courses and classes to cover all topics of pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and that crucial first childhood year along with a helpful parent support group.

The FUH Life Parenthood Programme is structured face to face sessions that help alleviate the pressure of becoming a new parent.  Whether it is your first child or your fourth, there are always questions especially when your emotions are running high (thanks hormones!)

The FUH Life Parenthood Programme is designed to properly inform you, so you feel empowered to make the best decision for your family. Fakeeh University Hospital provides all the advice and support delivered in a caring manner for expectant and new mums.  With a 43-year-old legacy of inpatient care, Fakeeh University Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent support through their experienced team of clinicians, midwives, nurses and medical staff, so you know you and your family are in the best hands!

Antenatal Classes

The FUH Life Parenthood Programme features Antenatal classes which are a great way for mums to meet other mums, which usually lead to lifelong friendships!

Week One of the four-week programme covers birth and labour. Labour is extremely liberating and attending, and the FUH Life Parenthood Programme Antenatal class helps you make informed choices, so you feel empowered, which is a great way to bring your little one into the world. In Week One, you’ll focus on the birth experience including signs and stages of labour, pain relief options, normal delivery, water births and c-sections.

The second week of antenatal classes help to educate about breastfeeding so you as mothers are well informed before baby arrives, which is a great start to your feeding journey! With guided help from midwives there is also continued breastfeeding support after baby is born in the postnatal support group. Week two topics include the benefits of breastfeeding, milk production, tips and tricks, food and medications.

Anticipating what to expect in the first few weeks of parenthood is key not just for mums but dads too. Week three of the FUH Life Parenthood Programme covers all key areas of the first six weeks including: bathing, cord care, nappy changing and sleep patterns.

Week four prepares you for the safety aspect of having a baby, ensuring that you, your family and your home are ready for the new arrival. Although topics like safety can seem daunting, the FUH Life Parenthood Programmes breaks the topic down and gives valuable advice from experts on how and when to seek help. This week you’ll learn how to prepare your home for the new addition, safe sleeping, road safety, going back to work and what to do in emergencies.

Postnatal Classes

Once baby is born, as mums you will also need care and guidance from professionals, which is why the FUH Parenthood Programme also offers postpartum / after birth support named as FUH Life Cafe. It is a fun and light postpartum/postnatal support group for meeting mums with a baby less than a year old.

For the first 12 months of baby’s life, Fakeeh University Hospital meets new mums (regardless of where they have delivered) monthly to help with an array of important matters and concerns. These include helping to build a support network of like-minded mums, providing workshops to assist with baby’s sleep, weaning and development, providing exercise classes as well as stimulating infant activities including baby massage. As with the antenatal classes, these classes are delivered with the guidance of medical professionals ensuring you receive complete care throughout your pregnancy and early parenthood journey.

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The FUH Life Parenthood Programme is completely free for expectant parents, and so are the postnatal support classes. For more information, please visit the website or email the team on

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