Online learning and homework assignments can sometimes strike fear into the heart of our little ones and often there are a few contributory factors that can create the overwhelm. From not fully understanding the lesson, the pressure of a fast-paced classroom environment and lacking the confidence to ask for help. The Lovely Tutoring Company aims to change this through their supportive and engaging online tutoring sessions.

The Lovely Tutoring Company offer a trusted, experienced and tailored online Maths and English tutoring service from Year 1 – Year 11.  Value is placed on building self confidence to support your child’s learning journey. The sessions benefit parent-child relationships with regards to performance anxiety and provide a safe environment for children to ask for help. Their philosophy is that if children feel they can guide their own learning with some levels of independence, they are more invested and in turn feel happier and achieve more as a result.  Additionally, they offer clubs where children can work together internationally either via their philanthropic ‘Make a Change’ mini-business club or ‘Magic-Mindfulness’ club.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and inspiration from working at a pre-eminent London Independent School, the Lovely Tutoring Company is passionate about enabling children to succeed and have cultivated strong, enduring relationships with both the children and their families who use their service. Taking time to understand the pace at which your child works allows for their sessions, which range from 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, to be unique to them and their learning style. Objectives are re-evaluated on an ongoing basis and strategies for success are broken down into small steps to aid progress and independence. This pressure free approach helps children to better cope with the demands of the curricula and exams whilst having fun.


The Lovely Tutoring Company are certified by The Tutors’ Association and are fully DBS checked, insured and qualified. To find out more about the service they provide or to book your free taster session please contact  Starting from £70 per hour and clubs £25 per session.


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