Lia Zaman wants to be a lawyer and participates avidly in school debating competitions. Her mum Suneela discovered the Early MBA Programme on the British Mums Dubai website and signed up Lia for it straight away. She realises exactly how competitive university admissions have become and wants to maximise Lia’s chance of standing out.

Lia loved the experience of attending the MBA course that’s geared especially towards Dubai’s teenagers and in fact, she excelled at it! The Elevator Pitch module built on her public speaking skills and helped her find her unique story and sell it in less than 60 seconds to the dean of her top choice of university, Oxford.

Lia also said that she really enjoyed the Networking module, “it’s something no one teaches you about but if done like the experts, it’s really enjoyable and I can see the long term benefits”, she says. Finance, Brand Management and the Business Simulation provide great exposure to students interested in pursuing a career in these areas, but Lia also found them to be very beneficial as she thinks it’s important to have an insight and basic grounding into these important fields specially since she won’t get exposure to them in her further studies.

You can catch a glimpse of Lia’s thoughts about the MBA programme here – and I’m sure you all agree that Lia will go far!

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