When considering having a baby, most of us will unthinkingly assume that we can, however for many women it can prove more difficult to conceive and for some, seemingly impossible. This is a heart-breaking prospect and one that can become all-consuming. Orchid Fertility Clinic in Dubai have helped numerous couples achieve their dream of parenthood thanks  to their holistic and personalised approach to fertility treatment.

Orchid Fertility Clinic is a world class, state of the art fertility treatment centre in the heart of Dubai. Established in 2016 it has fast become a popular destination for couples from all over the world seeking fertility treatment, not least due to their personalised care and high pregnancy rates. For the year 2021, Orchid couples have experienced an 81% pregnancy rate with a 72% take-home baby rate based on a single genetically tested embryo.

Located in Dubai Healthcare City, Orchid Fertility Clinic recently launched their second branch within the same building to meet the increased demand for fertility treatment, providing more space for couples and more consultation rooms for the growing medical team. This has led to a decrease in waiting times for patients, improving their overall experience.

Dr Dimitrios Kafetzis, Medical Director

The team at Orchid Fertility Clinic believe that treatment doesn’t necessarily have to mean high doses of hormone injections and instead have adopted a milder and more natural approach, including Intrauterine Insemination and Natural IVF. In addition, the clinic pride themselves on staying up to date with recent advances in fertility treatments and strive to be at the forefront of scientific knowledge and innovation, from both the clinical and laboratory side. Granted Dubai Healthcare City’s first IVF Research Permit in 2017, their team are involved in research to optimise the desired outcome for their patients.

Two very significant innovations in the past couple of yearshave allowed the team at Orchid Fertility Clinic to come closer to their objective of helping more couples achieve their dream of parenthood. The first being the introduction of Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGTA) of the embryos, which have helped couples avoid unnecessary pregnancy losses and complications arising from multiple pregnancies, both very common in IVF cycles prior to the introduction of PGTA. This test has proved more than 98% accurate and has been found to reduce the time to pregnancy.

The latest advance of PGTA, which is the non-invasive treatment available at Orchid, allows the team to select the best embryos for transfer in the uterus whilst almost eliminating any negative impact on the embryo itself. The test allows prediction of the genetic constitution of the embryos by analysing the released DNA in the culture media in which the embryos are growing proving 87% accurate.

The second feature that has improved embryo quality and optimised success rates both with IUI and IVF procedures is the novel sperm separation and selection technique used at Orchid.

Ms Maria Banti, Orchid Lab Director

The embryology team uses this as an extra step on the traditional method used by other laboratories. By separating the few strongest male gametes, out of the millions in every sample, they ensure that the ones with the least DNA damage are entering the oocyte. It is a non-invasive method, and the results are very positive for the embryo quality and thepregnancy rates.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS can affect a woman’s ability to conceive, but the medical team at Orchid they are able to diagnose this through an ultrasound scan and blood tests, and once diagnosed, initiate fertility investigations and subsequent personalised fertility treatment plans to manage the syndrome and maximise the chances of pregnancy.

For those wanting to defer treatment due to situational circumstances Orchid offer the opportunity to freeze your eggs for up to 5 years. This is a great option for women whoknow they want to start a family but at the right time for them. Although this option may not guarantee successful pregnancy in the future, egg freezing is a crucial step in taking charge of your fertility.

If a balanced family is important to you then Orchid also offer Family Balancing whereby you are free to choose the gender of your baby. The additional benefit of this is it offers the chance to screen for any chromosomal abnormalities as well.

The medical team is led by the Medical Director, Dr.Dimitrios Kafetzis, who after working 7 years in famous IVF Clinics in London Harley Street, Dr. Dimitris (as he is known) is attempting to surpass the Harley Street IVF standards by instilling the words “empathy” and “bespoke honest care” into the heart of every member of the Orchid team.

Alongside the medical side of fertility treatments, the team are fully aware of the psychological burden for couples, working closely with specialised multilingual fertility counsellors in Dubai, to make the process as stress free as possible. In addition to this and to match the holistic character of the clinic, Orchid have partnered with famous acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinics in Dubai, as well as nutritionists, in recognition of the potential positive effects of a holistic approach on fertility treatment.

Orchid Fertility Clinic’s promise remains the same; a never ending strive to push the boundaries of science and personalisation of care, for couples to achieve a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

If you’d like more information about Orchid Fertility Clinic, please visit https://orchid-fertility.com/, contact the team by calling 04 437 7520 or 04 456 0766 or book your appointment here.


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