If you’re new to Dubai, or lived for years here happily,
And you’re British or your kids are, or you’re a glowing Mum-to-be,
The chances are extremely high that whilst searching online for things,
You’ve come across ‘British Mums Dubai’, and the spirit that it brings.

Doubtless the group impressed you, as The Oracle of information,
‘Where to find Robinsons cordials?’, and ‘Do you have a great recommendation?’
‘How to attest certificates?’, ‘My husband’s a useless bore.’
You British Mums dealt with all of these, and a mountain of questions more.

But as more mums joined the group, a truly magical power arose,
It went beyond questions and answers, (although you can still use it for those)
Mums began to help each other in the most beautifully human ways,
Selflessly aiding strangers, that never ceases to amaze.

Toddlers were reunited with the toys that they had lost,
Mums who baby-sat to help, no mention of the cost;
Businesses got off the ground and jobs for housemaids shared,
Compassion when it was needed most, you really showed you cared.

‘Is it a dry night?’, ‘Where’s the best brunch?’, or ‘Please ping a voucher to me.’
“Hey girls I’ve found some Mega Gel” British Mums know best, you see.
Mums ‘Grabbing popcorn’ over posts that leave us speechless,
Lunch and nail spa reports when we’ve finished on the beaches.

As the group grew in size, it grew in other ways too,
With advice for other British Mums who didn’t know what to do.
It became its own community with a spirit of connection,
We’re mostly British, we’re all Mums, so we pull in the same direction.

Of course there is a lighter side, the group has lots of fun,
Societé for the launch night, will you hear what we’ve all done?!
With so much going on, the Facebook group was not enough,
We needed something more to offer- for even more new stuff.

So now we’ve launched our website, to move our ideas along,
Why don’t you pay us a visit at www.britishmums.com?
Style videos, buy, sell and blogs, it’s full up to the gills,
There’s even a directory to list your talents and skills.

Our website will enable us to enhance the community feeling,
And bring you lots of new ideas, it’s packed from floor to ceiling.
Take a look and you can help us, as we try to help you too,
We are British Mums together, and we can help each other through.

Poem by Tim ‘The Bard’ Young