How many times have you ever set out to have a healthier diet, only to find it difficult to set time aside to cook? Or perhaps you’ve vowed to lose weight, but have struggled to find the hours in the day and energy for a workout? With children, all of our own personal priorities as mums can so often go out the window. 

When it comes to weight loss, you may opt for quick fixes rather than take the time to understand what your body and mind actually needs. If you’re put on a strict diet, fixed workout regime or a rigid philosophy from a nutritionist, doctor, personal trainer or any other health expert in their field, nine times out of ten it doesn’t always go to plan. When real life sets in, it quickly starts to fall apart. We’ve all been there.

Prescribed plans rarely work for a number of reasons. Firstly, because they don’t always consider the reality and unpredictability of life. Secondly, they don’t take into account who you are, what you actually care about, and what you enjoy doing. Finally, fixed formulas and plans often focus heavily on the “what” and give very little weight to the “how”. It’s no surprise that many of us repeatedly try and fail at these strict plans and ultimately struggle in meeting our health goals.

BUT there is hope, we promise! How about a much better way to get on and STAY ON the bandwagon of new health habits by building a plan that’s specifically designed for you and by you? A plan that takes into account the realities of your world as a mum and keeps your priorities front and centre. 

This is where a certified health coach, like Dr Winnie Uchendu, Consultant Family Medicine & Health Coach at Enhance by Mediclinic, can step in!  She is an expert in human behaviour, motivation, and health, and will help you set and achieve better goals by building long lasting habits. Her broad knowledge of wellness means she can navigate your health concerns and fill in any of your own knowledge gaps.

Dr Winnie will help you work out why you want to make healthier choices, and how you can make it happen. She will listen and respect your priorities and preferences without judgement (even if it’s that you want to spend more or less time with the kids / hubby) and most importantly everything you do will be manageable and in line with your interests.

Do you hate change? She can help you anticipate and overcome obstacles that are preventing that and support you in identifying new solutions, as well guide you within the realms of fitness and exercise, nutrition and digestion, poor sleep, stress management, quitting smoking and chronic health conditions.

Dr Winnie is offering one-on-one coaching sessions at Enhance, where she will create and implement a health plan, designed with your unique interests and challenges in mind, over 12 weeks. 

Your personalised package will include: 

Twelve, 50-minute coaching sessions
Weekly check-ins 
Email support between sessions
Detailed follow-up notes, handouts and supplementary health articles.

Although 12 weeks is what’s considered the ideal amount of time to experience incredible results, there is also an 8-week and 4-week package available. 

To decide if health coaching is right for you, you can go for a free initial consultation with Dr Winnie at Enhance. During this session, you will discuss your health and lifestyle so she can find out how I can best support you in achieving your goals and transforming your health.

More information can be found by calling Enhance by Mediclinic on 800 Enhance (364 2623), emailing or on their website.