As parents, our child’s education is a top priority, and we’ll often wonder what they’ll be when they grow up. Teachers? Doctors? Or most likely, a career that doesn’t even exist yet! But now we’ve found a school that recognises that fact and is doing everything to guide their students on a learning journey that gets them ready for the future.

Citizens School is opening in September 2022 and sheds new light on schooling, offering a unique experience to its students focusing on their strengths and preparing them for life in the 21st century. The Citizens School is designed to empower students to shape their own future and build skills that they can use daily to become better citizens.

The experience-based, inclusive curriculum is created to each child’s strengths and there is a unique learning approach called the Citizens Tapestry. The Citizens Tapestry, using the UK curriculum as a basis, has six pillars of learning: mindset, entrepreneur, health and wellbeing, sustainable leadership, global and digital literacy, and creates a completely bespoke curriculum unlike no other.

The great thing about Citizens School is that it’s an education system we all need, its fun, comprehensive, holistic, and inclusive! The curriculum has been developed by world-leading researchers in education to help compile the best learning style and content for our children. Research on mindset, motivation as well as cognitive science has all been used to create this unique learning experience that encompasses education and life skills.

The Citizens School has been developed to re-shape learning and encourage children to thrive as students of the future by focusing on imagination, wellbeing, and achieving outstanding outcomes for all students.

Double the size of similar schools in the same catchment area, it can accommodate up to 2,600 students from ages 3 to 18 years. With a huge playing and recreation area, multi-purpose performing arts and activity hall, six lanes covered swimming and learning pool, rugby and football pitches that are FIFA and World Rugby standard approved as well as dedicated play areas for primary school students, we only wish we had this school when we were younger! Plus, from a parent’s perspective, there is loads of parking, which is a winner.

Citizens School focuses more on learning rather than education, as learning is a ‘lifelong pursuit’. Education happens in school, yet we are always learning, and Citizens School uses this perspective to help grow and shape children to continually develop and build academic and lifelong skills that will help them, not only in work but in everyday life.

The ‘first of its kind’ school in Dubai is set to change the way school and education are approached. Dubai is an innovative city that is always changing so the Citizens School launchinghere is a great opportunity for the wider community to get involved and evolve with the school as it develops.

An inclusive school with no entry requirements, Citizens school is open to everyone which is a lovely attribute. It reduces the stress for the children and encourages a better learning community for everyone. The Citizens School empowers students of all learning abilities, and it is an exciting concept to be opening here in Dubai!

Applications for this amazing school are open, so if you are wanting to find out more about how you can tour the school or enroll your children, please click here or RSVP for our special British Mums Breakfast hosted by the Citizens School SLT, taking place on Thursday 21st April 2022.


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