There’s a growing number of mothers that have 3 children or more and finding a car that accommodates our families comfortably, and safely, can prove quite a challenge. The new Mercedes-Benz V-Class model is one of the only vehicles on the market to offer a nifty solution as it accommodates up to four ISOFIX child car seats, offering us a generous amount of space, as well as peace of mind with some seriously whizzy features you’ll love.

You may have been put off driving an MPV before because style or having a comfortable, luxurious ride seems to have been lacking in this segment – but not anymore because the Mercedes-Benz V-Class has come along and changed the ball game! Whilst one of the first things you’ll notice is that it is a big car (and is probably bigger than what you might be used to driving), this should in no way put you off because once you’re inside, it really doesn’t feel any bigger than most 4×4’s.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class has sliding doors that are oh-so-very-VERY handy when someone has parked so close to your car that you can’t get the kids in. This is a feature we know parents will LOVE!

The car looks elegant too coming in three different variants; Standard, Avantgarde and Exclusive that are all equipped with a host of brilliantly useful, innovative features based on state-of-the-art radar, camera and ultrasound sensors. But there’s more good news – especially when it comes to seating.

Tons of seating and loading configurations

The mighty Mercedes-Benz V-Class comes in either six, seven or eight seater combinations allowing you to choose the right configuration for your family. As standard, the MPV is equipped with four individual luxury seats with armrests in two seat rows. Thanks to some clever technology that allows the seats to be folded forward super easily, you’ll be able to get fast access to the rear – which is a Godsend for mums with more than 2 kids and a fabulous feature of this car.

But if you’re an avid traveller or you need a variable and spacious interior for your families leisure and sports activities, you’ll love the fact that a folding table can be installed between the single seats. This now means family dining in the back – how cool is that? On the school run, there’s tonnes of space on the floor for the kid’s school bags (and everything else that they insist on bringing each trip!)

But if that doesn’t float your boat, you can also have a two-passenger bench seat with two-piece, individually folding backrest, or a three-passenger bench seat with two-piece seat cushion and three-piece backrest is available for both rear rows.

Like the individual seats, all bench seats are fitted with integral three-point seat belts, all of which fit a full-sized children’s car seat each. Now, those of you with large families will know that it is rare to find a car that children can be seated comfortably and spaciously.!

Another feature we LOVE about this car is that it is one of the only models on the market to have 4 ISOFIX child car sets, which, for many of us with larger families, is an excellent feature and the points are clearly visible which means no more fumbling between the seats trying to find the points!

The boot space is really large too and its well thought out and comes with handy crate boxes hidden in the parcel shelf that encourage eco-friendly shopping and also prevents smaller bits and bobs you’re transporting from rolling around. Furthermore, TONS of suitcases can be transported for those airport runs, especially if you choose to fold the rear seats flat. In fact, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class takes on a whole new lease of life for weekends having a HUGE amount of room to transport camping equipment, bikes and a brood of extra children in tow!

Car Seats and Safety

There are a SERIOUS amount of safety features packed in the V-Class that make the driver feel effortlessly safe and in control.

Standard equipment includes Attention Assist, which can warn of inattention and drowsiness and available options include the Active Parking Assist that makes parking this MPV as easy as parking a compact car. In fact, this 360-degree camera which comes on automatically when you go into reverse, alleviates any concerns you might have and you can even manoeuvre tricky spots by manually selecting the camera to appear on screen.

The camera is especially invaluable on the school run as there are so many little ones running around in the car parks that you need to be able to see, but it’s also handy when you’re in a tight parking space as you can be 100% sure that there is nothing around you when you’re reversing.

There’s also Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control with Collisions Prevention Assist, the LED Intelligent Light System and Adaptive Highbeam Assist that’s useful for night driving on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class also features Blind Spot Assist that’s a warning light in both wing mirrors that alerts you something in your blind spot, and Lane Keeping Assist which means that the steering wheel vibrates if you are veering over lanes the road (but not when you’re indicating to move – it’s very clever!)

There’s also a very whizzy Collision Prevention Assist which helps you to keep a safe minimum distance from the vehicle in front and optimises your braking power if you don’t brake hard enough to prevent any collision.

Cooling seats and a premium interior

The interior of the V-Class is a completely new MPV experience too, because, as expected with this German giant, they’ve used high-quality materials using fine Nappa leather on the seats and there’s subtle ambient interior lighting too.

It’s a comfortable ride in the rear as well as the front, which is enhanced by 4-way lumbar support as well as seat ventilation with reversing fans that ensure consistent humidity at the contact area with the leather for the driver and front passenger. You’ll welcome that the height of Summer!

There are TONS of additional optional extras you’ll be hard pushed to choose between like air-conditioned rear seats for our crazy temperatures, super large panoramic roof to check out those skyscrapers, iPad holders in the rear for the kids and LED-illuminated thermo cup holders for our coffee! And if you love a bit of exploring, then the large centre console with integral cooler compartment for the cold drinks could well have you packing up the camping gear in a flash!

A quirky (and much-loved) feature in the cockpit is that there’s a microphone in the overhead control panel that transmits to the rear loudspeakers, meaning you can have a conversation with the passengers in the rear without shouting all the way to the back. It’s surprisingly good on fuel too as Mercedes-Benz have finer tuned the additional enhancements needed to ensure peak performance despite the heat, dust and local fuel quality conditions.

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