Hillary Kozma

As we prepare to kiss the summer goodbye, (hooray we all cry!) we’ll be finding ourselves outdoors a lot more soon – and that means not only will we be entering into a season full of al fresco dining, craft markets and lazy days at the beach, but we’ll be cheering for joy that our hair and make-up won’t just frizz and melt away because of the heat and humidity.

Hair and make-up needs to be able to take us right through the day; from clearing the corn flakes to putting the children to bed – it has to accommodate our busy lifestyles; so how can British mums look good, feel fresh and adapt to this season’s hottest trends?

Hillary Kozma, Grazia columnist and owner of Doha’s most renowned hair and beauty salon chain, has just graced Dubai shores with the opening of Kozma and Kozma salon, one of the most exciting approaches to hair and beauty that’s been seen in a long time. Here Hillary offers expert advice to British mums for what’s hot this Autumn Winter:

  1. Hair. Colour is not changing so much this season as much as the placement of colouring. We are now seeing a more subtle version of pastels and jewel tones because the placement is under the hair and towards the mid-strand and ends, for that peek-a-boo effect.

If you are looking for something a bit more ‘wow’ try adding a dash of hair sparkle (gold looks amazing) and these strands of light blend right into your hair, are tied at the root with a knot, can be washed and blown dry, and last for weeks if cared for properly. These are ideal for providing you with that instant glam, or try feathers which lend a bit of colour as well as texture into the hair. Use a few for a subtle effect, or go bold and mix in many – feathers are cruelty free and can last for weeks. They can be curled, flat ironed or blow dried and are attached with a micro-bead that’s really light to wear.

  1. Lashes. Dramatic, show-stopping lashes are definitely in! Instead of fussing with mascara and lash curlers every day, a perfect alternative is to have an LVL (length, volume and lift) treatment that’s a quick treatment on natural lashes. This lasts for up to 3 months – and that’s 3 months of waking up with fabulous, awake looking lashes ready to dazzle.
  1. Brows – Ghost brows and ‘invisibrows’ are now a thing – as seen on the catwalks of Marc Jacobs, Ashley Williams and Givenchy. It’s a rebellion against the bold, big beautiful brows we have seen season after season, year after year. I’m not a fan of this and I can’t see it taking off. Ever.

However, a trend I can get on board with is the ‘undone’ look brows that are sculpted and defined, yet left ever so slightly undone, made up of a little gel brushed upwards into well-groomed brows. Statement brows can be achieved with the seven step process; HD (high definition) Brows, that work with your face shape, personality, brow type and also address and correct any brow growth and shaping problems.

  1. Nails. Extreme swings are seen for this season; either extremely minimal, or extremely loud and embellished. From simple graphics hand painted onto nude nails to wild nails dripping with quirky textures and accessories – we’re seeing faux fur, feathers, and crystals. My favourite to rock this look is the Swarovski crystal manicure where hundreds of genuine Swarovski crystals are applied to your fingers or toes and the results are stunning, mind-blowingly sparkly and flash. Raisin, dark purples, eggplant hues and black are all most definitely in colours for fall and winter, and my time saving tip for British Mums nails; opting for gel polish so you have no worries about smudges and chips.
  1. Skin. Clear, healthy skin is always in, but we are seeing an emphasis on bare looking, hydrated skin that glows with a hyper-real radiance. To achieve gorgeous, make up results, you must first start with a smooth, hydrated complexion; this is the best canvas. Covering up skin problems (such as pigmented, ageing, problematic or dry skin together with fine lines or sun damage) will not give you the look of your dreams. Trying to achieve a glow with lots of make-up will look artificial and is time consuming too; Instead treat and correct the problems you have with your skin, and once treated, you can wear less make up and look even more stunning, showing off your natural glow.

The Super-CACI at Kozma and Kozma salon is a ground breaking treatment that almost every skin type and everyone will benefit from. The CACI is a procedure that combines breakthrough technologies to deliver a facelift effect by delivering truly visible and corrective results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. It starts with a unique ultrasonic hand piece that vibrates on the skin at 25,000 vibrations per second to resurface and rejuvenate the complexion. It delivers sub-dermal electrical impulses that provide an instant face tightening, firming and lifting effect and it then utilises a ground-breaking wrinkle-zapping handset emitting high frequency electrical waves and LED photo stimulation to effectively plump out and smooth deep lines and wrinkles, providing a non-invasive alternative to Botox, collagen injections and other cosmetic dermal fillers. This treatment is considered to be the most advanced non-surgical facial toning procedure available, and its tiny electrical impulses work in harmony with the body’s own bio electrical field to firm and tone the facial muscles, taking them back to their original position, before lines and wrinkles. So once your skin starts to look and feel amazing, you will actually want to wear less make up to show it off.

  1. Make up. Choose see-through foundations, iridescent bronzer or powder, and a sheer gel cheek stain; these are fast and easy to apply. Pair with glossy deep purples and dark berry lips, and smoky fall colours on eyes and you’re bang on trend.


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