Ask most people what they’d consider to be one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, and they’ll almost certainly mention moving as one of them. Whether it’s a local or international move, relocating can be a daunting prospect, throw in children and pets to the equation and you’ve got a logistical nightmare. At Sanelo (a Santa Fe Relocation company) they have the experience and knowledge to ensure the process is smooth and hassle free.

From humble beginnings in Bangkok, Santa Fe Relocation was established in 1987 and has since grown into a globally recognised company comprising of over 1,300 employees, speaking 66 languages, working in 64 offices in 38 countries around the world. With over 130 years of unparalleled relocation experience, they have adapted and updated to meet both global changes and their clients needs, providing the very highest level of professionalism and service.

With the vision of making global mobility easier and drawing on an experience enriched by the integrity, drive, quality and passion of their team, Santa Fe Relocation are going one step further by introducing Sanelo, a new service dedicated to helping people move, live and thrive in new places around the world.

Sanelo is Santa Fe Relocation’s newly launched service which aims to ensure you move happy. We all know the intricacies of moving and how stressful it can be, but their global team of relocation professionals, with a track record in successfully managing over 35,000 moves a year, will keep the smile on your face.

Perfect packing If just the thought of packing up all of your belongings brings you out in a cold sweat, then leave the heavy lifting and wrapping to the Sanelo team. With years of experience in specialised packing and unpacking requirements, including best in industry packing materials and storage facilities, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your furniture, electronics, books, artwork, in fact all of your prized possessions, are in good hands.

Painless paperwork Where do you start? If you’re relocating to another country you’ll be faced with a myriad of forms and paperwork from not only the country you’re leaving but also the country you’re moving too, however you can rest assured that Sanelo will guide you through each stage of the move methodically, all customised to fit your individual needs.

Precise process As with most things, having a single point of contact makes the world of difference. Instead of going back and forth between separate companies in different locations, the Sanelo experience ensures a seamless, safe, and secure process. Flexibility and precision don’t often go hand in hand however, managing every detail is as important as having constant flexibility for when things don’t go to plan and Sanelo are fully committed to both.

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Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, please reach out to the team today to discuss how Sanelo can make your move a happy one. Please call +971 43947591 or email the team For more information you can also check out their website.

The Sanelo team are also offering British Mums members a fabulous 10% discount on origin services out of the UAE using discount code BMSF10. The code must be presented prior to quoting and is applicable on international shipments only.


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