We must say, we’re hugely impressed with the amount of talented & crafty mums we have as part of our community and we think it’s high time we celebrated that. Once a month we will have a post dedicated to a specific subject where you are welcome to include photos of your handmade items and link to your website and Facebook page. All posts must be transparent and include price and collection details.

Terms and conditions:

  • Members must share an image, price and collection details as part of the post.
  • Items shared must be made by the member themselves and not by a friend. Please do not share on someone else’s behalf.
  • Only handmade items may be posted and not produced products or pre-used goods.
  • The focus is on hand made products and not services so unfortunately no photographers, coaches, classes, hair dressers, beauticians or similar.
  • This is not an advertising post for marketing people to promote who they work for – these members must MAKE the items themselves.
  • Products must be relevant to the theme.


September – New Babies
October – Halloween
November – Christmas

How you can showcase your products or services on Talented Mums

There are many places you can advertise what you do and Facebook may seem like the obvious place, but we want to tell you why the Talented Mums directory on the British Mums website is a great place to list your products or services.

We created Talented Mums because, with over 1 million activities a year within the British Mums Dubai Facebook group, posts disappear very quickly out of sight. The chances of your post being seen depends on British Mums members looking at the group as you post and we recognize the work many of you put into your creations and of course, we want them to be seen!

Read here about the benefits of registering as a Talented Mum and how to list your talent.