Sometimes living overseas can be a tough old life – especially when it comes to missing family and friends back home. But just when you thought that Skype and Whatsapp calls in the UAE might be testing your patience, one BBC programme could be changing all that for British families in Dubai.

TV company RDF Television who created the brilliantly funny series ‘Secret Life of 4 Year Olds’ and ‘Eat Well For Less’ are currently producing a brand new, BBC2 documentary about…wait for it, robots! We’re not talking Metal Mickey here but an amazing, high-tech robot that would allow YOU to bridge the gap with your family back home (and even keep a presence in the home even if you’re outside the country.) This robot is designed as a ‘tele-presence’ that lets people stay connected even when they’re away from family so effectively, it works as a remote controlled video chat on wheels!

So if you fancy nagging your mum for a cup of tea in her very own kitchen, or you want to be able to sing Happy Birthday to Aunt Nora even when you aren’t even really there, this is a brilliant chance for you to get involved (and shape the future in the process!) RDF Television are looking to speak with anyone who would love to keep in touch with their family more but struggles to because of their career commitments or because they’re simply living away in Dubai. 

If you know anyone that’s up for starring in this fantastic new BBC2 series, we’re optimistic this will be a fun and beneficial experience for any family involved. If you’re curious and want to know more give this lovely chap Conor a call on 0207 013 4322 or drop him an email at and we can’t wait to see you on the TV soon! 

Check out the flyer below!