There are not that many British mums that have been part of the community for 5 years or more, but Aimee Al Kaabi is one of these mums and a name you may well recognise from her helpful contributions over the years.

Aimee (nee Fisher) is 33 and a working mum of 2 children – Faris who is 4 in September and Zayed turning 2 later this year.

From Lytham St Annes, a beautiful Northern seaside town, which she describes as ‘so green and friendly’ Aimee has been in Dubai for more than 10 years and now lives in Jumeirah Village Circle. Here she shares more about herself and what she loves about bring a British mum in Dubai.

“Dubai is definitely home to our family. Whilst I really love the UK, (and I especially love the seaside walks in the evening, because there’s nothing like the sea air to knock us all out!) Dubai is definitely our Number 1 place to be and we’re currently waiting for the house of our dreams.

I order clothes from the UK all the time but when I go back home to visit, my must bring back is books; we are a book loving family and they are so expensive here!

I work full time as a portfolio manager for the worlds leading education company, and I’m lucky enough to say that I really love my job. When I was expecting both of my sons, I didn’t really leave work as such as I was back full time after 3 months with both of them. Admittedly it’s hard sometimes but we are lucky to have a fantastic Nanny at home that makes it so much easier.”

Aside from working and being a mum, Aimee is an avid reader, reading 6-8 books a month! She actually confessed to not being able to sleep without reading.

When it comes to holidays, Aimee says “We don’t really travel apart from going to the UK, mainly as my family is ever expanding and we always have someone new to go back to meet.”

Aimee loves being mum to her 2 boys and she especially loves bedtime – not just because it is the start of her relaxing period at night but because that’s where together she reads, sings and talks about the day with her family. “I love that one on one time with each of them” she says.

“We also love going to Little Explorers in Mirdif City Centre and the children’s museum at Creek Park. These are our two fave days out and if you haven’t been already, you should try them!

If we eat out, a firm family friendly favourite of ours is to go to Dubai Polo club, because there’s nothing better than a play and breakfast outdoors.” However, when it comes to fine dining, Aimee’s describes her husband as a bit of a “meat beast” so Meat Co is their go to, although she loves eating out at Nobu in Atlantis too.

Dubai can be expensive for any family. Aimee’s best money-saving tips to share with fellow British mums is to take time to plan your menu for each week and try and buy a Thermomix, as she believes her shopping bills have quartered since organising her life and starting menu planing, giving her much more time (and money) for the fun things in life.

And finally, we know it’s unlikely to happen being a mum, but if (by any small chance) Aimee had a whole day to herself, what would be her ideal mum’s ‘me time’? “A book and a coffee at a quiet spot” says Aimee. “I can sit for hours lost in a different world and it helps me to clear my mind. I’ve recently been reading ‘Our Little Secret’ and I’ve just started watching ‘The Handmaids Tale’ which is great viewing.”

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