We’re at the end of the first week of homeschooling and we think all our mums, teachers and kids deserve a huge pat on the back for adapting and getting through this new routine!  Don’t get us wrong, there have been times where we have wanted to reach for that glass of grape before noon and have wanted to hide away for a breather, so we have a new found respect for all of our amazing teachers and the hard work they do for our children!  While we wait patiently for normality to resume, Carfax Education can help – homeschooling can be tough but it doesn’t need to be.

Carfax Education works with families at every stage of their children’s education journey, whether a family is looking to extend their child’s education, looking for specific subject support or are seeking a more personalised full-time learning experience, their expert tutors are here to help with one to one tuition online.

Carfax Education

At Carfax Education their ethos is to understand the motivations, aspirations and drive of each student, and tailor an education to suit them.  Their team of full time, subject specialist tutors are recruited from top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge and are skilled in delivering their expansive knowledge in innovative and interactive ways.  While tutorials can be mapped onto a specific curriculum, tutors are free to engage with the child in the way that they learn best, helping them to boost their confidence and their grades.

Tutors do more than just support a child’s education; they act as guides and mentors and encourage pupils to explore new subjects and aspire to new challenges beyond the curriculum with exciting subjects such as Robotics, Coding and Mandarin.  They also run full time personalised learning programmes for homeschoolers and prepare children for IB, A Levels, GCSE’s and other entrance exams.

Carfax Tutors

Carfax Education provides a holistic education service with specialists delivering tutoring, school placement and university advice.  Their experts want to support each child to flourish and reach their full potential in their own way.

Contact Carfax Education by calling Dubai on 04 438 5276 or Abu Dhabi on 050 286 1117, email enquiries.uae@carfax-education.com  or visit www.carfax-education.ae


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