Moving to a new place can be a stressful experience for the whole family. It is easier for adults to make it through the roller coaster of emotions because they are in control and make all the decisions. On the other hand, children are often left wondering why they have to leave behind their friends, school and wonderful home. However, if you follow this guide we prepared with ServiceMarket, (here) not only will moving become less stressful for your children, but they might even enjoy the process.  

Involve your children while planning the move

Tell them that you’ll be moving to a new place as soon as you make the decision. Doing so will give them some time to adjust to the transition. You can also involve them in the process of finding a home and take them along when you visit houses.

Answer all of their questions

You should consider telling your children why it’s important to move and how it will benefit your family. After sharing details about the new place, you should encourage them to ask questions and make sure they are satisfied with the answers you provide.

Take them to their new school

Shortlist a few schools and visit them with your children to get a sense of which one they like most. To make them comfortable when they start their new school, try to drop them off at the school yourself for at least the first couple of weeks.

Keep some of your furniture and belongings

Your children will feel less nostalgic if they see familiar things in their new home. In addition to packing their toys, also try to bring along some of the furniture and decorations from their room. Another approach is to make sure that all things are arranged as they were in their old room.  

Give them a tour of the neighborhood and the city

Take your children out for a tour of neighbourhood to show them all the shopping malls, schools, parks, and other recreational areas. If you are moving to a new city, then consider planning a sightseeing tour.

Encourage them to decorate their own room

It’s a good idea to allow your children to help you in decorating and setting up their room. Before you paint their room, ask them to pick the colours. You can easily compare painting companies and book a painting service on ServiceMarket. You can even take them along shopping to get new bedsheets, lights, and decorations. Giving them something positive to focus on will help them to overcome the evitable feeling of missing their old home and friends faster.

Hang family photos

By hanging family photos in your living room, you can make them feel at home as soon as they walk in through the front door. Consider doing a family photo shoot before moving, so that you have some lovely photos of your old home to hang up.  

Throw a house warming party

Yep, housewarming parties are perfect icebreakers for the entire family. You can meet your neighbours and also get in touch with your friends and family who live nearby. Before the party, set up a kid’s play area or room, to make it easier for your children to socialise and make new friends.

Work on some DIY projects

To distract your children from the hassles of moving, you can encourage them to work on some do-it-yourself projects to enhance the ambiance of your new home. For example, you can grow a small vegetable garden in your garden or even set up an aquarium in your living room.

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