As mums we understand the notion of being time poor better than most, and often we’ll prioritise the needs of the family before our own. Carving out a bit of gym time or attending classes can require military precision, especially when you add on journey times, so what if we said you could enjoy the equivalent of a 4-hour gym workout in just a 20-minute session?

MyoTec offers ElectroMuscle Stimulation training which allows stronger and deeper muscle contractions by using 100% of your muscle fibres and painless, low frequency impulses to concentrate on areas of the body where you want to see results. Due to the low impact nature of the training it’s perfect for those recovering from injury or pregnancy where traditional workouts can’t be performed, and also for those wanting to step up their training routine and improve performance.

Each session lasts just 20 minutes yet is the equivalent of a 4-hour gym workout, great for the time poor amongst us, there are specific programmes for weight loss, muscle gain, post pregnancy and rehabilitation after injury. Boasting exclusive wireless technology, the MyoTec suit allows you to perform dynamic training whilst a personal trainer will guide you through the session and will also offer a full body assessment to accurately measure your progress throughout you transformation journey.

During the 20-minute session you will alternate between different postures allowing you to work different muscle groups simultaneously, the workout will end with a relaxation programme to prevent and relieve any muscle strain and stiffness. After your training session you are free to discover MyoTec’s additional services such as MyoScan for a body assessment and MyoBoost supplements and food products at their Business Bay studio.

To find out more, or to start your own MyoTec journey please visit the website or check out their Instagram @myotec_dxb.

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