Whether during a pandemic or on a regular day, keeping yours (and your children’s) hands clean and virus-free is one of the essential daily routines and a priority of any parent. Recently we’ve all rushed out and bought hand sanitiser as an alternative to soap and water when outside the home, and we’re relying on various detergents to kill bacteria and viruses in our households. There’s another solution in the way of ozonated water, offered by Kona Ozone in the form of innovating antibacterial faucets.

We’ll admit, ozonated water wasn’t on our radar until a few months ago, when lockdown hit and we did a bit of research into ways we could keep our family safe. Ozonated water is highly effective, twice as much as chlorine, due to its powerful oxidising properties. In fact, ozone eliminates 99.9% of microorganisms, such as fungus, bacteria, and viruses. The destructive effect on pathogens is provided within 10-20 seconds of exposure to ozone dissolved in water.

Scientifically proven and available in the market, Kona Ozone is a sustainable technology, delivering ozonated water that will not only protect you and your family from viruses and diseases, but also save you money than you would normally spend on cleaning products.

Integrating Kona Ozone into your daily lifestyle offers guaranteed protection and peace of mind. Ozonated water can be used for cleaning food surfaces including fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat by removing any chemical residues and pesticides. Or use the water to hygienically clean kitchen surfaces, tables, dishes and cutlery.

In terms of quality and maintenance the green faucet is made of noble coating “matte nickel” and hence easily maintained without any replacements and in the current climate, the system can be installed without leaving your home.

For more information or to order the system online visit the Kona Ozone website (https://konaozone.eco/) or visit their Facebook or Instagram.  British Mums get a fab 10% discount until June 2021 using promo code BRITISHMUMS10 at checkout. The British Mums discount will automatically be added to existing offers so if there is currently a 10% discount running, British Mums will be entitled to 20% off!  Call the team on 04 513 6460 for more details.


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