My husband and I decided to take our two girls aged 4 and 5 and a half – (the half is very important apparently) to LEGOLAND Waterpark which is part of the new Dubai Parks & Resorts theme park based at Jebel Ali.

On arrival, we parked the car and then had to hop on a bus for a short journey over to the parks. The bus drops you outside Riverland which you walk through to get to LEGOLAND. We parked in the general admission car park,but there’s also a VIP car park that is closer to the park and avoids the bus journey. The cost of this is 100 AED for covered parking and 150 AED for valet parking. We have the annual pass so receive free parking in the general admission parking zone, but parking without this is 50 AED.

We arrived as the park was opening at 11:00am (daily timings are 11:00am – 5:30pm). We found the lockers and the changing rooms to be nice and clean and there were also showering facilities. The locker rental was 45 AED.

We found a nice spot next to the wave pool (with a comfortable sun lounger for mummy). We decided to be brave and try the big slides first:

The ‘Twist N Spin’ was our first port of call followed by the ‘Splash N Swirl’. You can go on both of these on a single or double tube so we took a child each and gave them a whirl on the doubles. The stairs alone made sure it wasn’t a problem that I had missed the gym! They were both great but do have a height restriction of 107cm, (both of our girls are over this so it wasn’t a problem). Next to these two rides are the ‘Wave Rider’ and ‘Tidal Tube’. These are body slides without a tube and are designed for single occupants. They have a height restriction of 102cm.

Next up was the ‘LEGO Slide Racers’:


There are 6 of these in a row so we decided to have a race. You collect a mat at the bottom and head on up. We decided to have a race (I lost) and the slide was another hit with the girls.

Next up was ‘Splash Out’ which is a single occupant body slide and has a height restriction of 102cm. ‘Red Rush’ is a raft slide and has a height restriction of 107cm. We went on this ride all together which the girls loved.

Then came the ‘Twin Chasers’. This is two single occupant body slides next to each other. The girls thoroughly enjoyed racing each other to the bottom. After all of this mummy needed a rest so off I went to lay on my sun lounger whilst the girls went to check out the ‘Joker Soaker’:

ll4          ll3

There are two levels to this ride. The upper level has a height restriction of 91cm and the lower level a restriction of 102cm and although my husband was with the girls, he didn’t need to go on this with them. It was fully staffed by lifeguards and my husband felt that the girls were safe enough to explore this on their own whilst he kept an eye on them from the sidelines.

On their way back to me they came across ‘Build-A-Boat’. This was LEGO boats that you could build and then float / race to the bottom of the ‘river’. The ‘Build-A-Raft’ river was a nice change on the usual lazy river. There’s oversized pieces of LEGO floating along the river and you can collect them and build onto the side of your tube. I also liked that they had some tubes on the river that had the seat pad on the ring as this made it so much easier for little people to sit in them and build their raft.

I didn’t go into the ‘LEGO Wave Pool’ as the water was a bit cold this time of year but this also has a height restriction of 102cm. There is a ‘Duplo Wave Pool’ attached to it – though for the really tiny people, it’s a height restriction of 80cm. The Duplo pool was shaded and had water canons and fountains and there’s also a ‘Duplo Splash Safari’ with little slides that look lots of fun. These are ideal for little ones as there’s a height restriction of 91cm.

Food wise, there were two outlets to choose from – ‘Bricks Bites’ and ‘Waves Bistro’. It’s your standard theme park fodder of burgers, chicken nuggets, pizzas and a couple of salad options. A children’s meal deal was AED35 and included a regular portion of fries, chicken nuggets and a drink. The food wasn’t out of this world but it’s what you would expect. (And by the way, you’re not permitted to take your own food and drinks into the park).

There are also Cabanas as well as towels available for rent. They looked nice and annual pass holders get a discount on them but I can’t remember what the actual price of them were.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be going back soon. You could easily pass a full day there without being bored. With ticket prices being AED240 per adult and AED205 for children 3-11 (children under 3 are subject to a ‘minimal charge’ – I don’t know how much this is) I think that the annual pass at 995 AED per person for both LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Waterpark is a good option if you are planning on being a regular visitor.

There’s only one thing however, that I’m not sold on, and that’s whilst parking the car and getting on the bus was not a problem, it was a 5 minute walk to the actual park. I know…  it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things at this time of year but I am unsure how pleasant it will be in the summer with two children in tow! I also think the car parking is a bit steep considering the price of the park entrance fees.

All in all, a great day out!