Most of us get to go back home at least once a year (if we’re lucky) and we all know that feeling of excitement in the weeks leading up to when we FINALLY get to go home, see our friends and family and do everything we really miss! When we arrive we stand for a moment, look up at the lingering grey clouds and breathe in that lovely fresh air! We hug our families tight and before you know it, we’ve settled in to watch every TV programme we can (because nothing beats a bit of British telly!) and we’re as happy as Larry!

However, it doesn’t take long before it dawns on us how spoilt we are in Dubai and what a rather cushy life we have….. Admittedly, it is not always a good thing to become reliant on someone else for almost all aspects of our daily lives (if we let it), but that doesn’t mean that we have to enjoy doing it when we’re back home does it?! “What, you mean, I have to get out of the car to fill it up MYSELF?!”

Most of us have had a reality check (or 5) during our trips home and here are some of our favourites from British Mums…..

“Paying 5p for a plastic bag and getting those looks and comments for not thinking about BYOB (bring your own bag!)“

“Walking out of the multistory car park and into the stairwell to an overwhelming stench of urine!”

My 2-year-old told me at bed time he is sad because Nanna doesn’t have a toilet hose!”

“I have to keep reminding myself, not every day is a sandal appropriate day. Half the time the reminder is too late!”

“Feeling fat in the small car I’ve hired whilst driving on teeny tiny roads”

“Remembering that you need to take sunglasses, an umbrella, scarf and wellies on a trip to the corner shop…. just in case!”

“It’s nice that a security man is not trying to grab you as you walk into the shop to staple your bags closed!”

“Waving my hands under the soap dispenser and taps and nothing coming out!”

“Not being able to get everything or anything delivered to your house at any time!”

“My son asked if my brother if he was poor as we drank water from the tap & not from a dispenser”

“My 6-year-old can’t put trousers on herself as all she’s worn for 3 years are summer dresses!”

“Being the only one wearing Havaianas in the town centre because I packed my ‘summer wardrobe’, forgetting what ‘British summer’ actually means…..”

“Going to the shops at 4pm on a Sunday, only to realise that they’re all closed. Duh!”

“The looks when your children start dropping random foreign words on conversation because they learn Arabic and French and their friends are Russian so doing Russian lessons”

“I’ve just had the classic one liner from my son…”Mummy where is the a/c button?… You know the one with the up down on it?!””

“I went to get petrol, pulled up at the pump and sat there waiting for a couple of minutes…., until I remembered I had to do it myself.”

“Just arrived – too tired to do anything about dinner and the kids said “let’s phone McDonald’s and Subway and get them to deliver then” Errr…

But for every reality check, there is also the reminder of the life we have left behind and everything we miss. It’s sometimes the little things that excite you the most, such as finding a pack of 4 Crunchies in the pound shop…. “How much?” A POUND? I’ll take 15 packets please!” But whatever it is, it makes us remember how much we love being back ‘home’…..Here’s what some British Mums LOVE about being back in the UK: 

Sitting outside a coffee shop in a beautiful, real, damp cool breeze” 

“It’s so lovely to go shopping and not be offered advice on weight loss or something for the wrinkles or bags under the eyes!”

“Cheap wine!” 

“Buying lovely Cadburys chocolate made in ENGLAND!!”

“Buying 1 and getting 1 free in Tesco’s and being able to buy EVERYTHING I want in 1 supermarket” 

“Feeling like a kid in toy shop when I post a letter or a parcel, knowing it will reach its destination”

“Having my children jump up and down with absolute glee at the sight of a bus coming! (Strange looks from the rest of the queue”)

“Waiting to pay for food with £60 cash in my hand (as I thought that would be about right as a guess and BONUS ….., it was £26.50!!”

“Indicating to change lanes and the car behind just lets you in! Feel like getting out and going to thank them for being so kind!”

Many of us have spent the summer in the UK so there must be tons more stories to come!  Whether it’s good or bad, we’d love to hear more “You Know You’re Back In The UK When….” moments! 

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