King’s College Hospital London in Dubai is one of the leading paediatric orthopaedic facilities in the area, offering state of the art technology to support and manage musculoskeletal conditions within children. They are trying to increase awareness of a common condition called Scoliosis which can be diagnosed and treated early on, so awareness is key especially among parents.

Not a well-known issue but Scoliosis affects many and is commonly diagnosed in children, predominantly girls, around the age of 9 onwards.


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine on either side and can be a genetic condition which can occur at any time. Progression of the condition usually happens during the growth phase of children and plateaus when growth stops.

Common signs of scoliosis include uneven shoulders, body sloping on one side, curved spine, uneven hips, one side of the chest or ribs more dominant than the other and a general asymmetrical look of the body. If there are any concerns you have about your child, state of the art clinical tests can help detect Scoliosis or any musculoskeletal condition at the Kings College Hospital London in Dubai.

The Kings College Hospital London has low radiation EOS imaging that produces 90% less radiation than standard x-rayswhich is far safer for children who require regular scans. There are only a handful of facilities with this technology in the region, so should you think you need an assessment it would be worth trying Kings College Hospital who can help to detect musculoskeletal issues early.


There are a range of treatment options ranging from surgical to non-surgical, bracing and physiotherapy all dependant on the severity of the condition, type of scoliosis, the bone maturation and bone age of patient. The Kings College Hospital London offers a variety of treatment that perfectly suits the condition and the patients in a caring and compassionate, yet highly professional manner. So perfect for offering the support needed to children!


King’s College Hospital London is home to CORE, the Children’s Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre of Excellence. A world class leading medical facility that offers a range of support for all paediatric orthopaedic conditions. Comprised of world-renowned medical professionals who are experts in the field of paediatric orthopaedics, they are the heart of the hospital. The team includes board certified paediatric surgeons, paediatric neurologists and paediatric physiotherapists all aiming to provide quality medical care in a compassionate way that’s perfect for our children.


Dr Marc Sinclair – Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon and Head of CORE

Has more than 15 years’ experience as an orthopaedic paediatric surgeon, supporting patients in a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for limb and spine deficiencies. He is also passionate about helping children with limb deficiencies and founded the Little Wings Foundation that supports children with musculoskeletal issues.

Dr Edilson Forlin – Specialist Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Has 30 years of Paediatric Orthopaedic surgery and is highly regarded in the industry. He has completed 120 presentations on paediatric orthopaedics along with 24 research papers, 12 international papers and 22 book chapters.

Dr Reem Abdwani – Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

With over 15 years clinical experience in paediatric neurology, Dr Reem Abdwani is well regarded in the field and also teaches, trains and is part of the medical board. She aims to provide personal, professional care using innovative, evidence-based therapies.

Dr Aman Sohal – Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Has over 12 years paediatric neurology experience, with speciality areas of paediatric neurology, paediatric epilepsy, paediatric headaches, movement and developmental delays along with neurodisabilities. He’s published a number of journals both nationally and internationally.

If you need any assistance or medical support for treating musculoskeletal issues such as scoliosis, then contact King’s College Hospital London in Dubai to help give your child the best care and support. There are three sites for the King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, however the main hospital is in Dubai Hills on Al Khail Road, Marabea East Exit. To get in contact with King’s College London the phone number is 04 247 7777 or you can visit their website for more details.