Why did you choose this neighbourhood initially?

We were looking for a villa that was bigger than the one we had in the springs as we have 2 young children and wanted more outdoor space. We also wanted somewhere affordable so we were recommended the village by friends who already lived there and said it had a lovely community spirit and spacious villas – and was a safe area to live in, which sounded great.

Is your neighbourhood fully developed?

It is always under construction to be honest but nothing too ugly to look at.  The only downside at the moment is the new Jebel Ali Social Club that is being built, and has been in construction for a long time now – (we were told December 2015 as a deadline but I think we will be lucky if it is December 2016.)  However, I think the final product will be worth waiting for so all residents are patiently waiting!

Please provide a brief description of the playground facilities and parks in your neighbourhood?

We have one main park which is close to the garage by Ibn Battuta mall (by the small Spinneys). It is always undergoing new infrastructure; We have a slide, swings and sandpit…. (all the bits you need for the kids really) and a large grass area to sit and have a picnic. Recently they put a large fence around the park to make it safer so it doesn’t look great but safety is always the key when it comes to the children.

Describe the communal facilities in your neighbourhood (pool and gyms etc).

“We have the Jebel Ali Social Club which has a refurbed pool with a bar area and a gym (I don’t use this at all I am afraid,I no time but I have heard it is really good). The club itself is fantastic to pop down to at the weekends and catch up with neighbours and just chill out with the family…and all walking distance which is the main bonus!

Have you found it easy to meet mums in your neighbourhood?

Yes! The community spirit here is amazing.  We have a Facebook page for the residents and a British Mum Vicky is fab at organising events and brunches for the community.  I have not attended any yet, but I do know that some of the mums meet up after school at someone’s house for play dates and there are also times when Nannies get together with kids too so they can become friends as well.

What are the names of the closest and most recommended schools and nurseries to your neighbourhood?

Jebel Ali Primary School was walking distance but this has just moved locations up to Akoya. However quite a few mums still have kids going there as it is a great school including myself. The closest school would be Dubai British School in the springs. Jebel Ali Nursery is based in the Meadows which is not too far.

What are the names of the closest and most recommended supermarkets to your neighbourhood?

We have Spinneys which is again walking distance. There is also a large petrol station close by if you need a cheeky McDonalds Drive Thru! We have Ibn Battuta Malljust 5 mins away ( and brilliant walking distance in the winter) and this has Geant and the food court and so much choice!

What are the names of your closest and most recommended local restaurants to your neighbourhood?

The food at Jebel Ali Club is pretty good if you’re looking for something quick and easy and fancy popping out for a few drinks. If you want something a bit more special we have the Ibn Batuta Gate hotel (Movenpick) which has the best Chinese restaurant ever called Shanghai Chic and also other restaurants in there too; we get a great discount for being village residents as well which is always a lovely bonus!

What are the names of the closest and most recommended clinics and hospitals to your neighbourhood?

Life Hospital is just round the corner. This is a saving grace when the kids come down ill all of a sudden or you need to see someone as an emergency; they are super helpful there and it’s never busy for me.

How long does it take you on average to reach the Mall of the Emirates?

10-15 Min

How long does it take you on average to reach the nearest beach from your neighbourhood?

10-15 Min

How long does it take you on average to reach Dubai International Airport?

20-30 Min

How far away is your nearest metro station?

1 Km

How far away is your nearest bus stop?

1 Km

What is the traffic like during rush hours out of and into your neighbourhood?

We used to have a bit of traffic when the schools were starting and finishing but you just avoid that when you can.  It does get busy on a Friday lunchtime when the Mosque is busy (but again as a resident you know the time as it is the same every week so we just avoid going on the road for that particular hour.)

Can taxis easily find your neighbourhood?


What are the 3 best things about living in your neighbourhood?

The community spirit and friendly neighbours, the accessibility to SZR and Ibn Battuta Mall beingso close and having Jebel Ali Club within walking distance.

What are the 3 worst things about living in your neighbourhood?:

It’s not a gated community so we don’t feel overly safe anymore as there’s no security gate to get into the neighbourhood. Also the school where our children go (Jebel Ali Primary School) has moved which is a shame for residemts here and there is no path leading to the park and cars drive way too fast so you don’t often feel safe walking with children along the road which is such a shame.