We’ve all been there, the relentless nagging from your child about the toy they simply ‘have to have’ only to discover said toy banished to the bottom of the toy chest never to be seen again after just a few plays. What if we said there was a way to give your kids the toys and books they long for by renting them? ToyShare is a rental platform app designed to encourage sharing whilst simultaneously saving you money and rescuing the planet, providing a greener future for our little ones. It’s a win, win!

With ToyShare you can choose from an extensive range of high-end toys your kids will love, including top brands such as LEGO, HotWheels, Chicco, Vtech, Nerf and thousands of educational and recreational toys, as well as hundreds of family games to keep everyone entertained. They have an inventory of over 5000 books and toys which is growing every month. The best part is that you are free to select your own rather than being sent a random selection which may or may not suit.

For the readers amongst our little ones, ToyShare carry books from more than 50 publishers including Puffin, Simon and Schuster, Disney, and Scholastic to name a few. The aim is for kids to learn while playing with their organised book and toy library without taking away their right to self-select from their carefully selected inventory.

The reasons for using ToyShare are numerous, but cost saving is certainly up there, closely followed by space saving, does anyone else think it strange the smaller the child the bigger toys? Jumperoo anyone? Once the toys and books are retired from Toyshare’s library they are donated to less fortunate kids around the world – and we are fully onboard with this concept!

Many of you may be thinking ‘is this hygienic?’ ToyShare have got it covered, using medical grade sterilisation to ensure everything is 100% germ and bacteria free. They are also the only company in the industry to own a purpose-built UV light chamber for use in the final stage of cleaning to get rid of any nasties.

So how does it work? Once you select your child’s desired books and toys, ToyShare will deliver them fully disinfected with child-friendly products and sterilised using medical grade equipment. After two weeks they will collect the books and toys and deliver newly chosen ones. If you decide you’d like to keep the same toys for a further 14 days or wish to have them collected with no new delivery, then this is all possible on the app.


There are 3 types of membership available with ToyShare:

PRIME – Starting from AED 149 per month, this package allows you to choose your child’s desired Books/Toys every 14 days for delivery on a Monday or Thursday, if you happen to forget to select a new batch then the ToyShare team will select items on your behalf from your wishlist. If your wishlist is empty, then products will be sent as per the preference set by you for your child at the start of your membership.

SURPRISE PLUS – Starting from AED 111 per month, this option allows the ToyShare team to choose the products for you for 14 days based on your selected toy and book preferences. Delivery is either Monday or Thursday.

SURPRISE – Starting at AED 82 per month, this package lets the ToyShare team select the products for you for 10 days twice a month (20 days a month with Books/Toys) for delivery on a Wednesday or Saturday. Members on this package can also choose their preference of toys and books and the team will accommodate the selection accordingly.

Exclusive Discount

The lovely team at ToyShare are offering an exclusive British Mums discount on all packages for all durations on your first purchase using code BM15. So why not download the app ToyShare, available on IOS and Android and start your ToyShare journey today!  Find out more about ToyShare on their website.


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