When the time comes for you to think about sending your little one to nursery, it’s not surprising how much anxiety you experience. You have after all been with them every day of their life. You know their routines, what song to sing if they can’t settle to sleep or what food to give them if they’re being fussy. For some mums, sending their child to nursery is not by choice; they’re often forced due to maternity leave ending. For other mums the choice is conscious, regardless of whether there was a decision made to return to work, welcoming another child into the family or just the belief that her little one is ready.

No matter the reason behind your decision, choosing the best nursery is top of mind.

Children gain a lot from going to preschool because they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. But, more importantly, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to engage with other children, to share, to make choices, to contribute and much more. In a child’s first few years of life, their brain develops at a remarkable rate. This is such a climatic period and while food and nutrition are important for brain development, so is early educational exposures.

Tender Years Nursery, based in Al Safa First 1 Dubai, offers the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum due to the freedom and holistic practice it presents. The EYFS program applied at the nursery will drive learning benefits that children will achieve that is play-based, child-focused, engaging and fun. This program builds and drives a child’s motivation to learn and explore using play as its context. A play-based approach involves both child-initiated and educator supported learning activities.

Children between 45 days and 5 years are accepted and have setup a settle-in policy for all children. This procedure is designed in conjunction with the presence of a parent or caregiver within the child’s first week at our nursery. We have designed a gradual approach that will further support the child to settle-in with the help of an appointed Keyperson (classroom Educator/Assistant) until this is completely achieved. All our efforts will be centered around the child’s welfare and needs including their settling-in pace.

Parent engagement and partnership is key to help grow children to have valuable life skills that can be fostered in their future.

Tender Years Nursery offers a very flexible and affordable programme. Prices range from two half days a week starting from AED 2000 per month to AED 3200 per month for 5 days a week, full day.

At Tender Years Nursery, they Play, Learn and Grow children to become active ‘planet rescuers’ through their recycling and repurposing practices – something they believe is a must to instill with young children.

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