When selecting a nursery, parents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi often find themselves choosing the nursery with the most convenient location for drop off, the best curriculum for them or the one with the most affordable fees. Whilst admittedly these are important factors in the selection process, two very important factors can often be overlooked; and that’s health and hygiene.

Why Health and Hygiene?

Did you know that, according to the health professionals at Boecker, your child is 3 times more likely to catch an infectious disease if he or she attends a nursery? Most mums would vouch this is true with the seemingly endless bout of sickness bugs doing the rounds and it’s because of the frequent contact made with their surrounding environment, (including with other children), that this can frequently happen.

For example, when playing, babies and toddlers often exchange toys or make direct contact with each other or with contaminated surfaces, which can often promote the spread of infectious bacteria and viruses and this is why you find illness sweeping the classrooms. It can be dangerous at such a young age for nursery-goers because children this young are still in the process of developing their immune systems.

With improper nursery health and safety processes, your little one risks not only being absent and feeling unwell, but compromises their learning process too and that’s why it’s fundamental for parents to consider the measures taken by prospective nurseries when it comes to hygiene.

Safety and Hygiene First

Kids First Group  are the proud owners of a collection of brilliant nurseries across the United Arab Emirates, including Redwood Montessori Nursery in Abu Dhabi, Odyssey Childrens Nursery in Dubai, Willow Childrens Nursery in Dubai, Ladybird Nursery in Abu Dhabi and Kids Cottage Nursery School in Dubai. Apart from being highly recommended for offering great early years education, they understand that, for the child’s roots to grow, the soil must be safe, clean and healthy.

As a result, they have taken this to the next level by collaborating with Boecker, an association that have been at the forefront on all matters related to health services, so that they’re able to guarantee optimum hygienic nursery conditions for the little students, and more importantly, to give long-lasting peace of mind to us parents.

What this means, in a practical sense, is that Boecker has certified that all the nurseries belonging to the Kids First Group follow a strict nursery health and wellbeing policy, that includes the following steps that ensure child safety.

  • Proper implementation of hygienic measures by all nursery staff, such as disinfecting and segregating classroom items, sanitising the entire facility and following super strict cleaning schedules – and vitally, this also includes the full cleaning of high-risk areas such as nappy change areas and sleeping rooms.
  • Using of the best (and not harmful), disinfecting sprays and solutions.
  • Prevention of cross-contamination by using different cleaning tools for each room or facility that guarantees proper sanitation and hygiene in school kitchens, as well as appropriate hygiene in school toilets.
  • The application of a strict food storage, disposal and handling plan. For example, this can involve training staff on appropriate bottle preparation for babies as per the set guidelines in the UAE.
  • Training of staff on ALL aspects related to the children’s health and safety, and especially accident-preventing behaviour. We know bumps and bruises can happen but it’s also the best responses in the case of accidents that’s essential.
  • Setting up of a comprehensive policy at the nursery’s healthcare center, that adopts the best practices for giving medication and having the documentation to support it.

Boecker has now awarded the Kids First Group with the Safe Child Care certificate, and their collaboration ensures that, all of their nurseries will adhere to a regular programme of audits, disinfection and training that’s not only rolled out to the the nursery staff, but importantly extended to parents too.

The Kids First Group of Nurseries

The Boecker certification makes Kid’s First Group nurseries a brilliant option for parents who understand, and prioritise their child’s early health along with their development.

It’s a huge thing to hand over your child to a nursery placing your child’s well-being, safety and happiness in their care and this long term collaboration helps to assure Kids First Group parents that they can worry less, knowing that the same safe practices they apply at home will be carried out with equal importance in the learning environment too.

For more information about Kids First Group nurseries, visit: http://www.kidsfirstgroup.com

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