As the world went into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, artist Sacha Jafri embarked on an extraordinary project – to create the LARGEST PAINTING EVER CREATED ON CANVAS.

For weeks now, he has been in the Ballroom at Atlantis, The Palm, to bring this epic Painting, titled ‘The Journey of Humanity’, to life.

Sacha Jafri is widely regarded as one of the world’s most celebrated living artists and has raised over $60 million dollars from the sale of his art for various charitable causes. Through “Humanity Inspired” he wants to connect the world by creating the “Largest Single-Painting Ever Created on Canvas by a Lone Artist” to then be displayed on the UAE’s iconic landmarks.  The project aims to support children’s education and the heroes of this global pandemic both nationally and internationally.

British Mums is extremely proud to be supporting this initiative and would like to encourage you to motivate your children to become involved. As Atlantis, The Palm pledge to collect 10,000 pieces of art for this record-breaking artwork, they’re inviting children across the globe to contribute to the project by painting, drawing, collaging or sketching a piece of art that reflects the two themes of ‘Separation/Isolation’ or ‘Connection’, this will form the foundational heart and soul of this great creation.

Once completed and verified, the artwork will enter the Guinness World Record Books for the ‘Largest Art Canvas’ in the world. It will then be broken down into 60 individually framed, numbered, signed and catalogued artwork pieces to be auctioned off in the Ballroom of Atlantis, The Palm. The target is to raise more than USD$30m for those children across the world most in need of our help in the streams of education and health.

To find out more and to get involved, please visit

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