Hikina at Lapita Hotel, Dubai Parks & Resorts has been closed for a couple of months, but it relaunches today with a big bang!

For a very limited time of just 3 months only, Hikina is trying out a new concept that’s very clever indeed! It’s a restaurant-flip and they’ve been busy changing it’s layout (in just 12 hours!), to launch their very first pop-up restaurant within a restaurant; and first up is Hikina Hot Pot, Buns, Dumplings & Sticks. 

Hot pots served at Hikina are Chinese soups that are prepared at the table in a simmering pot of tasty stock. Choose the ingredients and cook them yourself, making it a fun experience for the whole table, delivering taste exactly how you like it!

At Hikina, you simply grab a basket and tongs and then head off to choose your food. There are loads of lovely leafy, fresh vegetables to choose from, such as cabbages, pak choi, spinach and broccoli and tons of different mushrooms and herbs. Top these off with your choice of noodles from a fab selection of anything from rice noodles to egg noodles and then, order your protein from a choice of seafood (tiger prawns, hammour, shrimp, crab and more), or meat that includes chicken, succulent beef brisket or sirloin.  And for the Vegetarians amongst us, there’s quails eggs and tofu.

Packed with all the flavours you could dream of, there are sauces galore as well as extra bits and bobs to make your dish just the way you like it!

While your food is simmering away, take advantage of the authentic buns, dumplings or “sticks” to whet your appetite. The soft shell crab dumpling and short rib yakitori, (which is slow cooked for over 30 hours) are worth the visit to Hikina in itself.

Hikina is a taste sensation – but don’t just take our word for it. Get yourself down there and try it out for yourself before it’s too late! Once it’s gone, it may never come back, and that British mums, makes us a little bit sad…

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